Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. This is absolutely made for me - it is a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern translated into silk - I have been knitting like this for a lifetime - thank you so much for showing it :smile:
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  2. My pleasure, eliwon! I agree, it's special.
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  4. Merci, ksuromax!

    Thank you, my dear. Keep looking! You will find one.
    Thank you, Elaine! Oui, they are pigeons! It's fun to play with knots on this scarf. Always a surprise.
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  5. Thank you, scarf1. Please remind me if you have this....? It is very "you."
  6. IMG_4645.JPG
    No I don't. Yes, if I had found that CW first, I probably would have bought that one, LOL! I have the white withe turquoise border.mine looks like daytime.
    I think yours looks like night!
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  7. Of course! I forgot. I love your turquoise border. Yes, day and night!!
  8. :loveeyes: :drool:
  9. Of course we all recognized him….ha ha! Kind of like Annie Faivre's signature monkeys on her scarves?
  10. Well, I knew this would happen----There are sooooo many on this list to dream about adding to my collection that is lacking any D. Rybaltchenko. From seeing all the photos this week---Cheval Surprise, Quand Soudain, Onde de Chic and Les Toits are at the top of my list! Thank you to all for posting these beautiful pieces! Thanks ABQ2ATL for compiling the list!
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  11. Glitch looks like a fun design to wear ---great cw, size and material---you look great, Momasaurus!
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  12. Beautiful! The accuracy of the details in this scarf never ceases to amaze! What great travels you've had, Scarf1---welcome home!
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  13. Thanks! I love grays, and the 100s are so easy to fling on.
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  14. 'Onde de Chic' 140 mousseline, love this design and it features Pegasus within the swirls...
    onde de chic mousse 3 .jpg
  15. :woohoo:
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