Scarf Of The Day - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Lovely!
  2. You are so sweet. Merci!
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  3. I love this idea. Our individual interpretations and expressions of irony would be SUCH fun!
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  4. You look fantastic! I love how you tied the scarf!
  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words! Have a wonderful weekend :heart:

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  6. I think you've seen these shots of Quand Soudain, one of my favorite scarves! Like others, I'm disappointed that H has ruined the series by making Space Shopping a 90. Sigh. IMG_1497706359.325760.jpg
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  7. And of course the ever-popular Minuit! IMG_1497706496.244190.jpg
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  8. And last one: Les Toits de Paris IMG_1497706644.380245.jpg
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  9. Tres jolie, moma!!!! :loveeyes:
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  10. Ooh, you've got my favorite cw of this! Looks fabulous on you, moma!
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  11. It is so hot today, I woke up sweaty and grumpy in bed. So no scarf tying this morning unfortunately. These pics from are the archives.

    Photo Finish, two ways:


    Magic Kelly in one of Kusama's Infinity Room

    More Magic Kelly

    Minuit au Faubourg, one of my faves!
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  12. Love this on you, scarf1! There a bunch more green in this scarf than shows up on the H site.
    I had been quite sure I could give it a miss... hmmm... now I'm not so sure... :coolio:
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  13. I love the way you tied Les Toits so that the birds (pigeons???) are so clearly visible just below the knot. The colorway suits you perfectly, too.
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  14. I feel the same way, ElainePG!!
  15. :drinks: :giggle:
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