Scarves Scarf of the Day 2021 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?


Jan 1, 2020
One last one for this week with La Rosee by Anne Gavarni (and thank you to @Croisette7 for identifying her other 2 designs!)

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great pairing, Bunnycat!

for Cookie

I got a pair of loafers from Italy today ... matching my CDC ... not a GSD but a Whipped!

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cute shoes, Croisette!

beautiful! ❤

I ❤love❤ This!!!
thank you, Cookie ! :hugs:

Wearing today Katie Scott’s Index Palmarum
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And sharing a couple more of Florence Manlik’s scarves
Brides de Gala en Finesse
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Robe du Soir
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great soft colours, Cookie!

This is sooooo gorgeous!

You've tied Faubourg Tropical so beautifully - the knot itself looks like a blossom! :love: Is this an inspired use of a flowered hair tie?

You have the most wonderful collex, Croisette!

I must look this up. My impression of art nouveau is mainly Alphonse Mucha.

Never seen this cw of Fleurs d'Ecosse before! :heart:

Such a pretty tie of Appaloosa, @lyseiki8.
And maybe you are on theme. This design should be within the first 5 designs created by Alice Shirley.

Welcome back, @laurenad :wave:
thank you, Xincinsin! :flowers:

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! :flowers:

My last contribution this week before I hand over the baton to the next scarf mistress.

Flavia Zorrilla Drago did a fun design Les Confessions. My SA insisted that I should get the silvery grey gav and I have no regrets. It works well with my other gavs in the same or similar colour family.
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great with your jeans shirt, Xincinsin - and also with the Kenzo top!

SOTD awooooo. wont stay on long as it’s gonna be 27 degree C today :coolio:
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Great blues, blydia!