Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2020 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?


Jun 6, 2017
Oh! I love your colorway of Tyger!


Your Patchwork Horse colorway is gorgeous!

What a beautiful addition!!
Thank you so much!
I haven’t posted here in ages! You all look fabulous in your scarves. My contribution for “stripes” week is Jungle Love Rainbow.
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Marvelous - and you’ve inspired me!
And - so nice to see you here! ❤


Feb 6, 2014
Pelages et Camouflages mousseline with stripes.

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Dans l’Atelier de Robert Dallet CSGM stripes.
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Chasse en Inde CSGM stripes.
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Tyger Tyger CSGM stripes.
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La Femme aux Semelles de Vent 90 silk stripes.
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Tigre du Bengale 90 silk stripes.
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Baobab Cat 90 silk stripes.
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Voyage en Etoffes CSGM stripes.
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Au Pays des Oiseaux Fleurs CSGM stripes.
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Tigre Royal Fleuri 70cm silk stars and stripes!!
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Bunch of beauties, but your Dans l’Atelier is especially stunning :nuts:


Feb 6, 2014
There’s that cute star at the center or Reves d’Australie... and, I wear it front and center with this knot
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I promised some fireworks, so here they are on the illustration as well as in the jacquard of Feux d’Artifice
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Many criss-crossing stripes in Ex Libris a Carreaux
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All sorts of design elements, including some star patterns on Ex Libris en Kimonos
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Plenty of stripes and scintillating stars on Magic Kelly
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The classic Hermès ribbon makes a fab striped pattern on Bolduc a Carre
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A stripe Queen: Jeux d’Omnibus Remix
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And, this one has got everything... I love the striped patterns in this corner: Le Grand Prix au Faubourg
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just :loveeyes: WOW!:loveeyes:
(completely enamored by your