Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2020 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. What a great idea to wear it this way!
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  2. Fifi, I am frantically searching for a cute jaw has dropped so far after viewing your many beautiful photos of scarves enhancing jewelry (or vice versa). I need to tie my jaw back up into place, and want to look cute while doing so!

    Do you have a huge spread sheet to keep track of your lovelies?
  3. :hugs:
    :love::drinks::hugs::loveeyes::hbeat:Thank you all:yahoo:
  4. H often melds metal with leather in jewelry creations. That’s what I imagine our robot spiders are doing in Flamboyant Web.
  5. SOTD is composed of inspiration from other scarfies. Someone's pic of Les Oiseaux des Champs et des Bois inspired me to hunt for one, and I'm trying to mimic @Langsam's beautiful knot from yesterday but cinching with a spoon ring made from a Tiffany spoon.
    And latest jewellery acquisition: for @momasaurus and @FizzyWater - a chatelaine! Picked up relatively cheap because it was missing all the bits and bobs that dangle from the chains. It is also by fave silversmith WM Kerr so I bought it. Will polish it up and dream of how to use it with scarves :amuse:
  6. This is interesting piece :girlsigh:, will looking forward top see how you use it.:love:
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  7. I'm being inspired by you, tlamdang08 :idea: Never thought of using my Mors that way as a pendant :flowers:
  8. :blush::love::hugs:
    I have to say this thread is extremely interesting and irresistible not to check in everyday:happydance::happydance:
  9. The variety is astounding! Such a range of styles.
  10. zomg... extraordinary!
    This is marvelous!!! I would have never thought to wear mine like this!
    STTAAAPP! This is amazing!
    Sometimes I feel silly after seeing so many extraordinary pictures. I mean - wowza!
    Thank you - it is amazing. Sometimes we just sit staring out at the water - so blue, so big, so beautiful.
    I got them on Amazon - they are small and Very Strong...
  11. :heart::blush::love:Thank you:hbeat:
  12. Maybe the should be a scarf week sometime--The scarf that goes with everything in your wardrobe. On my last vacation I realized that Mediterrannee went with everything in my suitcase. I bet everyone has a "goes with everything" silk.
  13. Clever!
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  14. :heart::love:thank you.
    I am so glad that everyone like it:love::drinks:
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  15. I think that’s a great idea! I’m sure we all have those “go with everything scarves!” I would love to see everyone’s!:flowers: