Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2020 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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    (continued from here )


    Just for fun, each Sunday begins a new Theme Week. This year, in addition to the usual scarf mistress culprits, SOTD (Scarf of The Day) is getting back to its roots and we have several GSMs who have taken on multiple theme weeks. So this year there is going to be lots of variety and personal input this year in the theme weeks, and that is a real thrill! In 2020, we'll be welcoming @AnnaE, @Jbizzybeetle, @Julide and @Pautinka to the GSM festivities! Please give them a hand and a round of thanks for their upcoming efforts! Of course, there is always room for more! If you’d like to be a host, start a Conversation with one of us (@bunnycat, @Cookiefiend,, or @xincinsin )--by clicking the Inbox in the upper right corner. Tell us the date and Theme you’d like to introduce and we’ll answer questions and sign you up.

    Everyone on this thread is a Scarfie who loves learning about specific designers, discovering new scarf knots, examining scarf details more carefully, and seeing MORE SCARVES. Even if it's off-theme, your SOTD is always welcome. Be creative, have fun with the topics, and SHOW US YOUR SCARVES — talk about them and add links to more information. We’re all friends here (definitely no Scarf Police) – so smile at your selfie camera and come play with us!


    05 Jan 2020 20/20 Vision: Reissues Micro and Macro: Show us a design that has been issued in more than one format.
    12 Jan 2020 Supple Leather: Leather goods and scarves, wear your scarves with leather or on leather bags
    19 Jan 2020 New Year Firecracker: Red scarves to celebrate the Lunar New Year
    26 Jan 2020 Tree Hugger: Scarves with trees (2020 UN Int’l Year of Plant Health)

    02 Feb 2020 Iconic Designs: Besides Brides de Gala and Ex Libris, which other scarves say H to you?
    09 Feb 2020 Put a Ring on It: Scarf jewelry for Valentine’s Day
    16 Feb 2020 Monotone IS NOT Monotonous: Dipdyes, finesse, coloriage, muted colours, and tone-on-tone outfits
    23 Feb 2020 Unicorns Leaping: Matte blanc, metallic colours & highlights, jacquard, changeant, beading, embroidery, trompe l’oeil, scarves you seldom see or your hard-won Grail!

    01 Mar 2020 Soft hand: Vintage, 70s & washed scarves
    08 Mar 2020 Auspicious Fishes: Fish and other symbols of good luck to counter Friday the 13th
    15 Mar 2020 Green Goddess: Green scarves or scarves which look great with a green outfit
    22 Mar 2020 Double Up: Wear 2 scarves in honour of a Sunday with four “2”s in the date!
    29 Mar 2020 Gestalt Goodies: Collaborative creativity

    05 Apr 2020 From Russia With Love: Russian & East European-themed scarves plus what would you wear as a Bond Girl or which remind you of a Bond movie
    12 Apr 2020 New Beginnings: Pastels, Babies & Baby animals
    19 Apr 2020 Robinson Variation: Which 8 fave scarves would you pick to customize your own Robinson Chic?
    26 Apr 2020 Versatility: The Basic Bias Fold and its many variations

    03 May 2020 Starlight Starbright: Astrology and outer space (for the nerd in us!)
    10 May 2020 Sweet Scents: Floral scarves and scarves associated with perfumes
    17 May 2020 So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: Neons, brilliant hues and, if you like, sunglasses
    24 May 2020 Surprisingly Modern: Designs from yesteryear or based on vintage sources
    31 May 2020 Equestrian Quest: How many horses can you find in your collex?

    07 Jun 2020 Wedding Finery: Romantic scarves, bridal colours or which you would wear to a wedding
    14 Jun 2020 Gemini Joy: When one is not enough! Bring out your twins, triplets and multiples
    21 Jun 2020 (K)Not for Nothing: Your fave knots and those which took you some time to master
    28 Jun 2020 Stars and/or Stripes: Show us your striped scarves or scarves worn with stars/stripes

    05 Jul 2020 Not Just For Guys: The boys’ closet has never been more fun!
    12 Jul 2020 Lighter than air: Cotton & moussies; planes, kites & balloons
    19 Jul 2020 OMG! I Love it! Scarves you didn’t think you’d like, but you did, you did! (And mistakes – because we are only human…)
    26 Jul 2020 Here, Kitty, Kitty! Big cats, small cats and everything by Robert Dallet

    02 Aug 2020 Stopwatch: Scarves about Sports
    09 Aug 2020 A Scarf with A View: Grand vistas or interesting perspectives
    16 Aug 2020 Significant To You: An important Year/Decade or simply the era you like to collect
    23 Aug 2020 Wheels: From planes and trains to bikes and prams
    30 Aug 2020 Transformers: Zero to Hero, Meh to Wow. Scarves which look surprisingly different when worn differently or repurposed as sarong, bag, belt, dress, top, etc.

    06 Sep 2020 Sleeping Beauties: Scarves you stashed away and later fell back in love with
    13 Sep 2020 Singing the Blues: Blue scarves or scarves with a musical connection
    20 Sep 2020 Zeroing In: Highlighting a border, a contrast hem or a certain part of a design
    27 Sep 2020 Scarf Imitates Art: Scarves which evoke an artistic style


    04 Oct 2020 Tickled Pink: Happy scarves from Blush to Fuchsia
    11 Oct 2020 Fabulous Feathers: Toutsy and other birdies
    18 Oct 2020 Travel strategy: Decisions, decisions! How many and which to pack?
    25 Oct 2020 “Hello? Is anyone there?”: Black or dark scarves in memory of the B-movie actress who says that immortal line, and then walks into the dark basement (face-palm)

    01 Nov 2020 The Spice Route: The Source –India & other spice producers
    08 Nov 2020 The Spice Route: The Souk – Overland. Africa and Arabia. Extra credit for camels!
    15 Nov 2020 The Spice Route: The Ship – By sea. Scarves showing ships
    22 Nov 2020 The Spice Route: La Saveur – Destination Europe. The maritime powers of the 15th & 16th century: France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy (Venice)
    29 Nov 2020 Wearing Two Hats: H designers who did more than design scarves

    06 Dec 2020 Sherlock Scarves: Tell us something interesting about a scarf you have or play mystery scarves: show us a close-up & we’ll guess the scarf
    13 Dec 2020 Purple Passion: From the faintest lavender to deepest raisin
    20 Dec 2020 Yuletide Spirit: Break out your festive scarves!
    27 Dec 2020 The Oscarf: Best 90, Best CSGM and other Oscarf-worthy categories (copyright Cookiefiend!)
  2. Hello fellow Scarflandians!

    We've started up the topic list for the 2020 calendar! Please continue to enjoy the final days of the 2019 thread and get ready for this Sunday!

    @papertiger or @CobaltBlu will oblige us by temporarily disabling replies here until the Sunday topic starts so everyone can get a gander at the 2020 topics and then this thread will open up again.

    Have fun!
  3. I declare this thread now open fellow sxarfies.
  4. :party:
  5. :loveeyes: Can’t wait to see all the silky goodness, this year!
  6. :smile: so thrilled about the silky calendar 2020 and looking forward to another fun and educational year!
  7. Whoopee! Here we go!
  8. How exciting! Can’t wait for another great year of scarves and camaraderie!
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  9. :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: Cheers to all those here who share, enable & encourage (and all the lovely silks we faint over)
  10. See y'all in the morning!
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  11. And so to kick it all off...
    Zebra Pegase in mousselline, gavroche and 90.


    Who’s next? :biggrin:
  12. Nice transition: Marine Naive aka Henry F. Smith, CSGM, by Dumas, my scarf of yesterday. I have only the large format, which wonderfully captures the concept of the original “woolies” embroidered by early seamen to keep their fingers nimble for sail mending; but it was also issued in silk twill 90 and a smaller format in cotton, at least, which I think @bunnycat has.
    Such a lovely theme to start the year—reminding me of every opportunity to remake and renew one’s vision.
    294E542C-AB21-415E-A052-179445616798.jpeg CFBE011D-36B2-4C5A-B2BC-EE28D8ED4906.jpeg C7DCDE12-1AD5-4915-8A52-AFD1C5580A58.jpeg 02341CB5-0863-44E9-B743-7DEA237937C7.jpeg
  13. Brides de Gala 1,40 Dip dye







    Jersey fluide








    En Desordre


  14. Thank you to Team Scarf Mistresses for the great work last year and creating the new and Wonderful theme week list !

    I’ve gone a bit overboard on a few designs

    Mythique Phoenix 70

    A74C658D-92A3-48EF-A61C-921C0111E033.jpeg C47555CE-06E1-4EE8-ACA2-026BEC4702E0.jpeg
    My missed format is the mousseline which I hunted for a great colorway continues....

    Tohu Bohu 90
    A2663CBA-4A1A-48B2-A59A-495BD8CDE42B.jpeg C079FD91-0C79-4689-8116-E7719C98461E.jpeg B63CBA6C-2CB9-449D-ADE7-2E8B4454BF06.jpeg