Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Pretty cw for your SD gavroche!
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  2. It looks like a different gavroche, moma, depending on how you knotted it and what colour top you wore! And now am intrigued by the phrase "zillions of gavs!" ;)

    And @hermesguy, TPFers write B/K/C to mean Birkin, Kelly, or Constance (as @Julide said).
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  3. This just looks so rich and decadent. It's glorious moma!
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  4. You look so beautiful, bunnycat!

    Twins on that, I also have the taupe one. Congrats Joanna!

    This is a cutie, ksuromax!

    Hello twin!

    Splendid, FugitiveRouge!

    Truly dreamy, my dear!
  5. Thank you, dear Croisette! :flowers:
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  6. Congrats on your wonderful find at the sale, dublineuse! Perfection with your Victoria!

    So pretty tied with your cardi, Scarf!

    All so pretty, Cookie!

    Now that's so gorgeous together, art noveau. Love turquoise too, post more!

    Twinsies, so lovely tied fifi!

    Congrats on your first CSGM, more to come, of course, FugitiveRouge!

    Then it was esp. made for you, dooneybaby! Beautiful colours btw!

    Beautiful, lanit!

    Pretty, festus! Twins on the Semelles!

    All fabs, Cookie!

    Very nice cotton, congrats Anna!

    Classy, Julide!

    I love this hot pink on you, my dear, and thanks for your inspiration to find one for me!

    OMG, Iflola, I admire your flacon collex ... I'm a collector as well. Magnificent pieces!!!

    Very modern chic on you, FugitiveRouge!
  7. Not my first, I have so many firsts, but my last find from yesterday: the black SEMELLES

  8. That must have been fun
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  9. This is beautiful Croisette and I would imagine that this cw will go with so many things. I am sure it will become a staple.
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  10. My! Truly lovely, moma!
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  11. My first evilBay purchase - Roues de Canon. Sadly, I rubbed a thin patch into it whilst washing it - a lesson learned indeed!
    On another note, I didn't find my Mors ring. I think it has gone forever. Every pocket, bag, drawer, box, nook and cranny has been searched. I must have lost it whilst out. I went online to get another one and keeled over at how much they have gone up by in just a couple of years. Needs must however......
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  12. Gorgeous! we are twins on the yellow one!
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  13. Very cool!
  14. I was hoping we would hear from you - I would love to know what was your very first H scarf.
    But this !!!!!! I have seen this scarf IRL and I can only offer my hugest congratulations. It is a really magnificent piece. The subtle colors are to die for.
  15. Well, you've been killing us with your changeant moussie, so it might be YOUR turn to faint. :biggrin:
    Thank you. Well, I do seem to be acquiring the little ones at a rapid pace. Most of them are blue, also, so this one really stands out and is so useful!

    Thank you, P. I wish there were more large dipdyes!
    Thank you. It's a very useful piece. The background is actually orange! I hope you find one.

    Thank you, monteverdi. :heart: