Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Fair question, Anna. Hm. My first scarves featured older designs on nautical themes, scroll-work, horses, flowers, royalty, and everything the color it is supposed to be. I guess for me, this was just "a design," and kind of random, But like I said, it's actually pretty traditional in content, so I'm laughing at myself. Also for a long time all my scarves were symmetrical and/or emanated from the center (and so does this one, LOL).
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  2. Thank you Litchi!!:heart:
    Thank you Bunnycat and many thanks again for the tutorials:flowers:
    Thank you Fifi!:flowers:
    That is impressive!:flowers:
  3. Birkin / Kelly / Constance :flowers:
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  4. My first giant silk was this Cliquetis dip dye that I wore tonight: [​IMG]
    It’s a fabulous format. So much nice heavy scrumptious silk!
  5. Gosh those colors are fabulous!!:girlsigh:
  6. I love your story! I also had one tried and true scarf from long ago, a long period of dormancy, then a renewed interest about the same time as you. I love how you extended the life of the Prom de Long with the dipdye event. Win!!!
    These are also some seriously beautiful items. (And I agree with you about the Femme. I hope you find your perfect CW someday!)
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  7. Such a wonderful first scarf story!

    Beautiful colors!

    Ha! I started the same way with one twilly... and it was a quick drop off an orange cliff!

    Scarves and stripes are always a winner!

    thank you kindly fifi!

    The DD's are glorious in large format moma!
  8. Thank you so much, Julide. I do love this one.
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  9. I agree, bunnycat. Why aren't there MORE???
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  10. My first gavroche was Festival des Amazones. I now have zillions of gavs, but this one is still a favorite. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Notice my homage to @bunnycat in the last photo.
  11. I can only imagine - the 90’s are marvelously scrumptious... a GM in dip-dye might make me truly faint!
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  12. I am obsessed with this in orange, have managed, so far, to convince myself that I’m too careless for cashmere.
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  13. I watched a short film on H scarf manufacturing Jan ‘18 ( and we all know how that story ended). I love to research the designs and as an art historian I love the multiple levels of references in most designs. Much of my collection is “firsts” but I’ll tie to the first time I went to a perfume bottle association conference, I got to wear all my pre-loved ‘qu’importe le flacon’ CW that weekend, multiple times, in different configurations. The best part was that I got to see, and hold, real life examples of most of the bottles in the design.
    5C625EE6-D571-4424-8BB5-EF0CEDDFF417.jpeg 7D18D1A1-615D-4335-AD10-80D6EB0B1FDF.jpeg 17ECFDB3-23B2-42A2-BF78-99D2022DA7EF.jpeg 379D2C1E-2BB5-459F-B90D-51A5FE56CECD.jpeg 19B852A7-D128-4148-8A54-3A13833102FF.jpeg D2B37763-2C33-40AB-B00B-57BFC3B484B5.jpeg
  14. I love your cardigans!
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  15. My first large format 140 cm was On a Summer's Day. I liked the 90 cm design, but didn't love it. But at this scale, it just clicked for me. It's casual, modern, and goes with almost everything I own. I think I've worn it about 20 times since I bought it in September.