Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Thank you so much!

    Aaawww... Thank you, Cookie!

    When I discovered the Treble Clef, I pursued this scarf madly... until I finally found the red CW! I would’ve also settled for black.

    Thank you so much! I’ve always avoided light colored scarves so this is new for me and Etude de Gala was a milestone for me: the mostly white CW!

    Thank you so much! Keeps it tidy and elegant, I think.

    Thank you so much. The feathery Finesse lines are exquisite in this design. The background was at a friend’s before leaving to the ballet.

    Probably my favorite design of all time... Squalling is perfectly allowed and the appropriate response. Stunning!

    So rich and elegant... I would love to own this design!


    On my way to the ballet but thankfully intook this pic before leaving because my phone died when I got there!

    Can’t pick a favorite because they’re all so spectacular... But the Cassandre is amazing and that CW of Pavois is so fresh and beautiful! And SD, of course!

    I love this entire post... especially the evolution of your Promenade... all lovely!

    All so lovely, Bunny!

    I love the Alice Shirley black and white scarves... So gorgeous!

  2. I hear you -- makes me think of Boy Scout jackets or American varsity jackets as well. No idea how to repurpose one of those!

    Love this outfit -- looks so cozy.

    This maroon (purple?) outfit is to die for. Really love all these colors, and that's a great connection to a scarf.

    Beautiful scarf! How do you define 'non-traditional'?

    Oh gosh that DuJA is killer!

    That's a lovely pillow cover :smile: Beautiful scarves!

    You have to stop posting that Tourbillon lest the members here suffer a collective envy-induced heart attack :smile:)

    Oh interesting -- I have never been asked that! Maybe I don't buy enough twillies though.

    That's a great story. I agree that scarves are great for travel -- I too travel a lot, and always enjoy packing scarves.

    That is a lovely choice for a first scarf, and it looks so good on you. Funny how so many people seem to have bought their first scarf at an airport!
  3. You have the right coloring to pull it off! I wish I could do white ones, but I am generally too pale. One can hope though!
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  4. All beyond gorgeous. And my obsession is that CW of FP... But how can I justify another after my 3 existing ones?! No, please, don’t answer that! The Jardins d’Hiver is fantastic with the F knot!


    Question: why not another bandana? I’ve yet to try this format but really wish to!

    I just love the little stars! Gorgeous...

    This design is so great in this CW! I tried it on at Hermès last year and fell in love. Gorgeous and very special first!

    So beautiful!

    This design is spectacular! I have a bright CW but have always wished to have your CW as a second. It’s a graphic wonder! Looking forward to seeing your growing collex!

    One of the most elegant designs ever, especially in this CW
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  5. Well, without makeup I’m pretty colorless with some rosacea looking pink coloring, but with the right lipstick, I can wear white! Gotta be careful though because I can also look pretty washed out in white and the pales.
  6. When I walk into a new H boutique, I get asked those questions - is this scarf a gift or for yourself? Is this twilly for a Kelly or a Birkin? Maybe the SAs were trying to see if the cw suits me and can suggest something else if it doesn't, or if I'm an H lover (owns scarves and bags) and will be back as a repeat client? They usually warm up quickly to me once they realise I love scarves and not just buying them to ask for a B/K/C. :lol:
    At an airport H boutique last year, I saw a lady go through a lot of 90cm silks and then asked for a B/K/C! When she was told there weren't any, she pushed all the silks away and walked out in a huff! :wtf:, I have gavroches and 70cm scarves so a bandana really has to pull its weight to be able to get into my collection. Fun fact about me: I've never sold an H scarf or shawl. So I need to be judicious in my choices.
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  7. What?! You’re from Hawaii?? I’m from Hawaii!! (Though not currently living there now)
    Until now I thought your handle was big-is-le-hi. Now I see that it’s big-isle-hi! D’oh!!!
    Scarf looks fabulous on you! Do you have Aloha? I’m still looking for the right cw.
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  8. I hear ‘ya... and really relate because I also need to be jucicioua because I’ve also never sold an H scarf... given away: yes, but never sold one. I’m, sadly, not always wise and judicious, though
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  9. My first gavroche (I actually bought it for my daughter, but ended up keeping it) was Savana Dance.

    The first twilly that I bought was Mythiques Phoenix Coloriage but I gave it away, so the first one that I actually kept was Jeu de Cartes.

    The first I settled for were Cavaliers de Nuages and Decoupages. Great designs but would still love to own more vibrant, brighter CWs
    DA05A8EC-DFDB-4303-9BE7-01D37E0E31E1.jpeg DB986C0C-CFA0-4ACC-A70A-DEBCBC121F76.jpeg

    The first one that I remember I gasped when I saw it was Sichuan. The rich colors and details are so amazing in this one that they cannot be captured accurately in pictures. This was also my first design by Robert Dallet and I was amazed at the beauty and mastery of the illustration. Still am...
    CBCE549C-A375-43BE-8E23-CEF35751A156.jpeg 2B8F0A1E-FE3A-44ED-9C29-AC29EA9AE3AB.jpeg
  10. Hi twinsie! I love how you’ve tied this!
  11. So pretty!
  12. Gorgeous! I have a paler cw and sometimes think this is what I should have gone for...
  13. This looks great. We love stripes on this thread!
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  14. Thank you, fifi. You’re a dear.
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  15. What's a B/K/C??