Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. You look super in the Mors et Filet ksuromax. It's such a clean cut look. Perfect!
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  2. Thank you pt - definitely!

    I think this is from the first issue. It's slightly wonky colour screening in one corner would certainly suggest so. Although it must have been well worn, I treasure it too much to wear. Sometimes I just take it out to stroke it then put it away again!
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  3. Plenty of those!

    Hermes gave £100 to charity for most of these scarves. For Action on Addiction, Queen's 90 Birthday/Queen's Trust Charity, NBS store reopening, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 1995, United Nations 50 Anniversary Envol, CSMC World Horse Welfare Charity.

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  4. We all probably have a couple of those :biggrin: We are sometimes only temporary custodians
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  5. That's a lovely way of looking at it. [emoji847]
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  6. Thank you, Sweetie! :loveeyes:
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  7. it's awesome!! so beautiful!! :loveeyes:
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  8. I love this one every time i see it. Just so beautiful and dreamy in these colors.
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  9. #4014 Mar 3, 2019
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    03 March 2019-DRAGON'S HOARD: Scarves depicting jewellery or worn with jewellery

    Happy Sunday, my dear silky friends! Well, the topic this week is near and dear to my heart since it combines two of my loves and passions: silks and jewelry. Hermès has repeatedly featured jewelry-themed scarves and they are some of our favorites. Also, we all enjoy pairing our silks with our jewelry, be it with museum pieces, or handmade items, or vintage treasures or pearls. So, this should be a fun and interesting week. I’ve actually been collecting vintage, ethnic and museum jewelry for 4 decades... much longer than I’ve been collecting scarves, so in most cases for me, the jewelry came before the scarf. In some cases, the jewelry and the scarf are an uncanny match, such as with the Metropolitan Museum of Art jewelry created for the Scythian gold exhibit in the 1975. The collection of these pieces which are housed in L’Hermitage, was lent to The Met for this historic show and various commemorative museum repro pieces were issued. I started with the torque necklace and soon I had collected every single brooch in the series. Hermès also issued a scarf in collaboration with the exhibit: Cavaliers d’Or. I was in college and at that time Hermès scarves were something my mother wore so I was not interested in the scarf back then. Fast forward 40 years and I pursued this design like crazy... to match my treasured Met Museum jewelry! Here are pics of the jewelry superimposed on the silk. I like to wear the brooches carefully inserted through the knots.





    Through the years Hermès has featured many designs depicting jewelry. Etude pour une Parure de Gala from FW2017 features a magnificent set of matching jewels, or a parure, created by Pierre Hardy for Hermès. Here, I’ve superimposed on it a very special French vintage pair of silver chain mail mesh, crystals and pearls necklaces that I own in trompe l’oeil fashion. So, basically trompe l’oeil upon trompe l’oeil... Although the design has nothing really to do with the parure illustrated in the scarf, I like the looks and drama of it.


    Another jewelry-themed scarf is Parures des Sables, which pictures the ornamented jewels of the desert inhabitants of the Sahara, including the Berber and Tuareg tribes. Here I pair with it a stylistically unrelated but sumptuous jewel: my vintage (1940s) Staret brooch.

    Sometimes a piece of jewelry contains a design element that beautifully matches a scarf design, such as these Canadian earrings and pin made from real leaf stampings which I like to wear with my A Walk in the Park scarf.

    This vintage enamel Joan of Arc pin and French enamel heraldic crests bracelet were Parisian finds from my college days. The medieval vibe of these pieces goes beautifully with Hourvari.

    These Indian Mughal style earrings nicely complement the beautiful patterns of India, both pieces sharing a similar design aesthetic.

    And, sometimes, the jewelry doesn’t have to do anything with the scarf design per se, but it’s a great pairing. This is the case with this E. Barena Mexican sterling silver shadowbox jewelry set made in the 1940s. I wore it the other night with my Robe de Soir and loved the way the designs of the silver and the design of the cords and ropes on the carré complement each other

    This topic presents so many possibilities! I can’t wait to see everyone’s jewelry themed scarves and how we accessorize with our jewelry and scarf combos.
  10. Thank you moma! [emoji847][emoji4]
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  11. Lovely scarf!
    Feel better soon!!
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  12. Well, I’m certainly glad that the surgery is over and you are recovering. I had shingles over 30!years ago and it was not fun! Wishing you the speediest recovery!

    I love the Mors et Filet... what glorious blues!

    I’ve loved it for such a long time and just couldn’t resist it in pristine condition and at a great price. Besides the wonderful jacquard it also had the blanc shadowing (can’t remember the correct term right now) so it’s very special... Thanks so much!

    Such special ones! Wow! Twins with you on the UN Envol

    Thank you so much!
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  13. drool fest!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. Great introduction, thank you Fifi !
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  15. In awe of your jewelry and scarf collections, dear fifi! What an extraordinary introduction for this week's theme! :love: