Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2019 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. You are too sweet to say that. I do have Amoreaux, but not in this cw. So maybe? It looks great on you!
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  2. My actual SOTD (because I thought I had no scarves with red at all).
    Collier de Chien
    Also modeled (better, I think) by my crazy terrier, Lenny.
    And then my senior moment passed and I realized that I do indeed possess a scarf or two featuring red!
    Chacun Fait Son Nid

  3. Thank you Fifi!
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  4. I love that CW of CFSN
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  5. I adore the way you styled each of these three beauties!
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  6. The Fantaisie Pittoresque artist Francois Houtin has a design out this season. I am absolutely drooling over Les Cabanes, but saved by the bell because it's a CSGM.
    And speaking of bells, here is Amours with a tomato red border.
  7. I am loving everyone’s beautiful pics! Wowza!! So many amazing works of art to admire. I’m in awe of you all.
    Here are three of my scarves to contribute to the thread, chosen randomly by the first three I reached for that were in the theme of red/pink.
    1: Madras a zakynthos, a gift from my husband. He always buys a scarf for me on special occasions with no assistance or hints from me. It’s very special to see what lovely scarves he has given me over our 19 year long marriage!

    0C5E64CC-E80F-4DE5-82B9-E8D136ABDF0B.jpeg 0688A952-F9ED-444C-AAF1-2733304D8609.jpeg
    2: Chefs Indiens. Also one from my husband!


    3: Fantasies Indiennes
  8. Hmmm, well you are definitely a fabulous TPFer, so I was right about that, at least!
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  9. LOVE all of them and twins on the Iris. I haven't found my way with this colir Iris and don't know why. You style it so naturally and effortlessly.
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  10. Soooo pretty !!
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  11. Your madras a Zakinthos is spectacular! I am intrigued by how you tied it in the bottom 2 photos..kind of like a bow but I see no edges. Can you share the knot? Thanks!
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  12. my very first H scarf ever, 2 years ago i was too naive to think that this one and only will cover my all needs! :lol:
    it does not get enough of use, but it has special place in my heart, and i love the colours!
    Bride de Ceour

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  14. Thank you

    Last year I could't take this cw of Iris off. Perhaps try with navy or smokey blues in Winter, any shade of denim in Summer of course.
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  15. Wowza, great scarves, fabulous tying
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