Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  2. Adorable!
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  3. Thank you so much textile girl! :heart:

    Thanks momasaurus! It's pretty much my fallback, no fail knot!
    (I noticed the other day in my pinterest page that I use this one a lot :biggrin:)

    It's perfect isn't it!
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    Great Western train, isnt it?
    Used to take it everyday when I used to work in Slough.
    Cannot say I enjoyed it at all :sad:
  5. I take so many lines, I can't say any are a pleasure but this is particularly hideous as well as uncomfortable.
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  6. Beautiful snowkitty!

    :hugs: Thank you!

    Love your beautiful blue Please, Check In!

    Spectacular fifi! These have such amazing details!

    So adorbs!
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  7. Thank you for the kind words - promoted it today and let it lie next to a couple of the moussies I really like for comparison - I promise if they'd had legs they would have scampered - it is just terribly blue - even compared to the silk Reves Escargot in Bleu Klein, which is a really intense blue :smile:
  8. Actual SOTD, Zebra pegasus mousseline. FC7D634D-AA23-4006-AE7C-33B5C4136A69.jpeg
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  9. Just popping in to show one from my very tiny collection of silks. This gavroche is Dimitri's Tour Auto 1899-1999, a celebration of cars. Have tried to identify them but not so easy!
    There's probably a Ford GT40, Alpha Romeo Alfetta, Porsche 911, Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang, AC Cobra, Jaguar XK120, Ferrari, Sunbeam Alpine, Porsche 917, Lotus?
    I wear it and think of my Father in law who was a real motor racing fan.
    Really enjoying this thread and seeing so many designs over past months. Thanks everyone for sharing.
    DimitriR_TourAuto_LI.jpg Hermes_Automobile (2)_LI.jpg
  10. Lone that Ganesh! And I’m looking out for the carré... It would be perfect for me!

    LOL! Oh, I love beaucoup tromping the l’oeil
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  11. Noel au 24 Faubourg BCE3899A-FE3B-495B-9127-41296C98C7D0.jpeg C194FD6F-6740-4193-B677-0545FFD05C75.jpeg Magic Kelly and the pooch DA74D394-96DA-4E69-AF36-CBE023764540.jpeg DD3FE9DC-5CD6-4C54-AAB1-FCD392A3E560.jpeg Prieres au Vent 157832E2-5352-48AB-AAB2-3A881A67A312.jpeg 10F9CCAF-FFB3-482C-AE37-995E2C17EB0D.jpeg
  12. Beautiful scarf! First time I've seen a modshot of it.
    You must show us more from your collex!
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