Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Wow!!!
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  3. Taking a weekend break with DH. At the airport now with Please Check In.
    DH peered suspiciously at me when we passed by the Changi terminal 2 H, but I was an :angel: and didn't drag him in (I've been having grail fever since January, so the money tree is quite bedraggled :sad:).
  4. Ditto. I've considered trying to find one preloved. Such a gem.
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  5. Swooning over the Orchidees eliwon, it's beautiful!
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  6. Sous le Cedre is especially lovely with your linen shirt Cookie, and I love the way you've tied it too!
  7. Thank you so much!

    OMG, Perfect! Now I must find a red striped blouse to wear with mine!

    Ich Dien is gorgeous, but that necklace is magnificent!

    Thank you so much!

    What an amazing collection! Gorgeous!

    What a great pic! Enjoy your trip!

    This is the perfect airport scarf. I wish I could find one!
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  8. Perles du Kenya and some Maasai jewelry 04BB26F4-F3E0-48C7-8FFE-39D4C9ED6A4B.jpeg 9CCF9328-2F73-4D5E-8125-3DF8F2479E52.jpeg F1309F2A-342F-4D0E-888E-1D1FA9585840.jpeg 80A5A12A-C537-4323-B0DE-4EE3E6860686.jpeg A2F2E1D1-9422-4B60-9160-2BEF4564A2C2.jpeg British Heraldry and a Lacroix brooch E9718F06-C1C4-42E4-A6C9-CB6C6916048F.jpeg 3B401A54-EA83-41F9-93E7-F9C32227DEC8.jpeg 145BDD69-3125-4DDF-9422-21756279A117.jpeg
  9. thank you, Dear FIfi! :flowers:
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  10. Gav of the day - Noel :hbeat:
  11. Thank you, Fifi. It's a bone carving of Ganesh the elephant-headed god.
    Hope we can be sisters one day for Please Check In :hugs:
    It does occasionally come on the market at less inflated prices. You just need patience. I recently acquired a scarf that I've waited 3 years to find :whut:
  12. Beautiful snowkitty, twins with that Etriers!

    Thank you fifi, wonderful Massai jewelry with PdK!
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  14. Just noticed how the cutouts on your blouse echo some of the shapes in the design. Amazing eye, lanit!!!
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  15. Oh, there were some changes to the phone app, if that's what you mean. After it was totally broken for a day or two, I had to fiddle with a bunch of the settings. Glad you are back, in any event!
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