Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  2. Thank you, Cookiefiend!! :flowers: When I saw the Dallet exhibit a couple years ago, I had to have it. Especially after seeing the original IRL. :girlsigh:

    5C44B2E6-DA92-47CD-BF1B-8DF7EFF26AC1.jpeg 6EB3C0C8-8378-4CF9-A96A-0AA51D360524.jpeg
  3. Thank you, bunnycat!! So do I!! :girlsigh:
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  4. Love the jardin anglais!
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  5. Thank y'all! Yes- that JA is a great little scarf!
  6. Jardin Anglais is so,lovely on you, bunnycat!

    Congrats on your find, HNN! Twinnies.
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  7. OT today with PELAGES & CAMOUFLAGE, moussie, 1,40

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  8. This blue is stunning!
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  9. Truly superb indeed!
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  11. This is a nice change! When you don't wear red, do you feel you have to compensate with a change of makeup or something else? When I don't wear blue I can't figure out what to do.....
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  12. Fifi showed off the animals on Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale:
  13. Oh, wonderful scarf on site! And great photos!
    I remember when the pandas came to Singapore, we sent a camera crew to the enclosure. They waited and waited, but all they caught on tape was one twitching butt :giggle:
  14. SOTD yesterday was the robot spiders on Flamboyant Web. I was all bundled up fighting off the sniffles.

    Today's SOTD is Ecureuils. All the sprightly squirrels are eyeing the nuts.
  15. Beautiful cw and perfect necklace with it!
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