Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  2. Oh my! Look at that DD glow! This one is so amazing! :heart:

    This is fantastic on you AnnaE!

    It's gorgeous essiedub! Congrats! (That's H dedication for you!)

    Scarf1- this navy CW is magnificent on you!
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. Just beautiful!
  5. Thank you ElainePG! That was an IG look I tried... I haven’t gotten it just right yet, but I’m still trying!
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  6. Thank you bunnycat!
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  7. A few more predators for the week.

    The cute little fox on D un JA. Just managed to get him on top of one of the folds...


    3 gavorches tied together with Torana in the center with lions.


    Panthera :loveeyes": (post outdoor sunburn...) @Cookiefiend I *wish* I had gotten your pretty green and blue one!

  8. So fabulous on you and on site shrpthorn! Thumbs up!
  9. I especially love the orange Panthera!! :love: I wish I had gotten one!! :girlsigh:
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  10. Thank you HNN! This is definitely one I kind of wish I had gotten more than one of....
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  11. From the archives, Panthera Pardus 90 silk. :love:

    3B2A3F85-D3FA-4B7B-9667-BC7823A06317.jpeg 3C5D0DA0-5DA9-4DE7-9436-E6A214F990C1.jpeg
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    One of the nice things about the gavroche size is that you can collect several colorways without breaking the bank. :tup::tup:
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    Just arrived!! My new-to-me Tigre Royal 90 silk. :love: I don’t buy vintage designs too often, but I was in the mood for an iconic design in an original colorway. I believe this one may be from the first issue. It’s from an early issue anyway.

  14. Yay! Love this classic pink and gold!
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  15. we are twins with JA (Love!) and cousins with Panthera!
    (Truly want a 90 in Panthera tho!)
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