Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

  1. And, nosy minds wish to know: were the, erm, bathroom facilities still a hole in the floor? :angel:
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  2. This bright CW of Savannah dance looks so cheerful!! The ring is a great compliment.
    I have this scarf ring but have never tried it. I like the solid weight and I’m wondering if it might work with our CSGM’s?
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  3. I have to hang my head in shame here - it's not my Savannah Dance but my Marche du Zambèze! Oops!! Yes, I find that I generally prefer this ring with the CSGMs as the weight suits it better.

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  4. Oh my word! You had me at the green one but it just got better and better! Glorious, fifi!

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    AD4EB4D8-25A6-47F8-BA6F-470D6B0A59FE.jpeg 0D22FD4F-09F6-4905-8A85-7F1DD5627E37.jpeg 78A5EAC4-5C6E-4FF5-9B94-3681245840FC.jpeg 3ED49AD6-9E7A-4C0F-95C6-CD556233FB93.jpeg B6444180-2407-4A0A-83A3-975EABC0AD54.jpeg 32B2CF47-78D4-4D16-A689-7F8ABEDC5573.jpeg FE76FDD6-BCA6-4268-85AB-9F0063C7C5B5.jpeg 002CDF7C-B105-4C82-8339-516E3D967653.jpeg I am also a brooch fanatic and love to wear them with my scarves. To all the scarfies who just had a heart attack: no, I don’t pin it to the fabric, thus piercing the precious silk... I make a knot then attach the brooch through the loop. Things to consider are that the brooches cannot be too heavy or have prickly parts. Rhinestone brooches are out because the prongs are scary. The actual pin must have a horizontal layout. I have never pricked or damaged a scarf with my brooches. The first two pics are not of a pin, but an actual scarf ring that reproduces the ancient jewelry of the indigenous pre-Columbian Calima people. Love the matching earrings too. So, from top to bottom after the Calima scarf ring some of my brooches are: an Askew London jade buddha brooch, a vintage Karl Lagerfeld 1993 Olympics torch and hearts brooch, a pewter native petroglyphs brooch, a vintage celluloid bow brooch, a Mexican sterling silver hand/tree of life brooch, and a vintage Bakelite mourning brooch.
  6. Thank you so much, dear!
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  7. Wow, your collection just keeps getting better! Absolutely love the first scarf+ jewelry!
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  8. Thank you so much, dear!
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    A laundry day.
    I have been home alone today, an opportunity to do this, without DH lurking why I use iron and perhaps commenting, oh you can iron.
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  10. LOL :lol: beautiful scarf!
    my ironing board has been hidden away for over a year...neither my fiancé nor i like ironing :blush::giggle:
  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous, fifi!
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  12. Thank you all for your amazing pictures!:flowers:I have purchased a couple of scarf rings from Mai Tai this week because of this! I look forward to using them too! It has been exciting to experiment with my forgotten scarf rings! A Hermes horn I found at a second hand shop and my platinum bar pin.;)Also for I recently received a manniquin as I gift, this is her fist “time” modeling!:giggle:
    F0D1F210-6693-4579-B7E4-A372E32D8533.jpeg 9AE7ED9F-D157-4727-92AD-024FA70BB26B.jpeg D62BC4D1-129D-4FC9-999F-FF4B5536D6D1.jpeg 8C5714C1-1985-4F0D-A7AD-70527EE27A4F.jpeg F541948B-F88D-4E3F-B17F-5BF4D973CC80.jpeg 087B79FA-27B6-42E3-AAD1-35B58CC8EB92.jpeg
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  13. L’Arbre de Vie with a Mors
    And scarf mail! Woot!
    Washington’s Carriage Cut Bandana AW2017
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  14. No shame!!
    I should have known better as well since I have Savannah Dance!! LOL!!
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  15. Your bar pin is especially beautiful.
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