Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

  1. Thank you, cavalla. I have not been very methodical about my ring shopping. I have a strange assortment. This week is making me more aware of ring shapes and pairings (and all those pretty lacquer colors!!).
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  2. Brides et Gris-Gris
    Looking for other colors
  3. Brightening up a dark day with my insanely bright Savannah Dance and insanely heavy Chaine D'Ancre ring. I would just like to add how much I have loved and learned from this week's theme. Thank you Team Scarf Mistress!

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  4. Your scarf rings are all so inspirational and I'm ready to wade in. Does anyone have a suggestion for a place to start? Is there any particular ring you find yourself going back to over and over?
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  5. I decided to give some fashion love to my trusty hiking shawl. IMG_1515860358.997676.jpg
    Sheherezade with a MaiTai (I think?) plain wooden ring.
  6. scarf mail today!
    BNIB bandana, my second within a week! Ecuries Parisiennes from AW 2015
    IMG_20180113_2014287.jpg IMG_20180113_2015033.jpg
  7. Fantastic x 1M :woohoo:
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  8. I have 2 - the Chaine d'Ancre and the Eperons which isn't as popular but similar to a Trio.

    I think the CdA is more versatile and beautiful but it's quite heavy. MaiTai has some beautiful horn ones that are similar and apparently not as heavy.
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    This thread called "Best scarf ring for a newbie" has some good discussion (and might even be worth reviving):

    I agree with renee_nyc (and many others here) that the horn rings MaiTai sells online at MaiTai's Picture Book are good. The mother of pearl ring was actually my starter, and I recommend it: lightweight, easy to use, and very versatile (white on one side, dark on the other).

    My MaiTai mother of pearl ring still gets a lot of use because it's so easy, though the mors ring is hands-down my favorite now. (The mors is not for beginners, in my opinion.) MaiTai's video tutorials helped me a lot too. Have fun!
  10. Thanks pt!

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  11. I :heart: the concept of hiking shawl! You rock!
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  12. It depends on what size scarf you mostly wear, but my first and most handy ring was the MaiTai mother of pearl two-sided ring that several people here have mentioned.
    Thank you, Langsam. This scarf has many pulls, and is not very fluffy, but I love it for early mornings around the house, and it accompanies me hiking and camping overnight. Because it's not fluffy, it doesn't take up much space, and provides plenty of warmth. Today I thought I would give it some fashion time, LOL, with a real outfit.
  13. Gorgeous!!
  14. 2A374053-6346-4BD4-9A80-D7B85EA72249.jpeg FB722D7B-6FF9-4D9C-B3E7-2FC821E8D64A.jpeg 25A92B84-A8DC-43A0-8A68-A770EB32F080.jpeg 314B6402-2C49-4DD1-9656-9100D0689DF3.jpeg E10EAA63-2117-4682-8E2B-3FB24803C331.jpeg And now for the non-traditional... I have a pretty decent stash of interesting vintage celluloid and Bakelite belt buckles that I love to use as scarf rings. Here are some. The one on the Reve d’Australie is of Japanese design.
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