Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

  1. Defenetly a power scarf!
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  2. Beautiful and meaningful! And your cw is so delicate. This is a minor grail for me, still waiting for the cw that will capture my heart :love:
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  3. Definitely a power scarf! (And hold that thought for next week too!)
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  4. How lucky you are to have this scarf ring! I've been looking for it forever and eventually gave up and got one permabrass and one palladium instead.
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  5. What a beautiful scarf to commemorate that journey. I remember your pictures. And you have a lovely smile.
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  6. :hugs:So happy to be your twin again! It was a good day for scarf mail yesterday. My order for Flamboyant Web reached my reshipper, so I can start it on its journey to Singapore. I didn't even get to see it here. My SA said all the cashmere ones were reserved and snapped up, and they didn't bring in the pocket squares :annoyed:
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  7. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Some of those teddies on Confidents des Coeurs are up to no good, if you ask me. Ever since I learned about Dubigeon's . . . er . . . wide-ranging abilities, I have wondered if he snuck a little bit of sly humor onto this scarf.
  8. OMG :nuts:
    Now I have to take another look at those teddies (and every other scrap of Dubigeon silk I have)! :roflmfao:
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  9. Ooh, I guess it makes us cousins bobkat...and happy to be so too! Yes, it would have been the same as you remember as it was the exact same interior as the train I took from Moscow to Leningrad in 1988 and again in1993, wooden interior, nets on walls! I am sure I found details in the compartment with a building date of some point in the 70s. A bit like our scarves, those trains last and last!

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  10. How cool, ninakt!

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  11. Gorgeous! I have it in white and adore it.

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  12. I hope you find yours soon xincinsin. The blue in this is much stronger than in the photos and it doesn't look as pastel-coloured IRL. It doesn't seem to drain me the way other paler scarves do.

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  13. Thank you Maedi.

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  14. Hahahaha! Will need to look that one up. I have never considered it but may need to look again!!!

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  15. It would be an interesting theme of the week indeed.

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