Scarf - light bulb moment !

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  1. Just returned from a mini vacation with my mother, at an estate hotel here in the US. Naturally brought some scarves to wear - but it was too darn hot to wear around the neck.

    Hmmm... Eureka ! Tie the scarf around your large brimmed hat, just like you've seen in the H books.

    They looked terrific. I don't know why I've never tried this before. Really added that something special to an ordinary outfit.

    My mother even went out and bought a large brimmed hat so she could wear hers like mine. - And she hates hats !
  2. I bet you looked so gorgeous! I can just picture it!
  3. Great idea, bet you got some great pics, please let us admire them!
  4. I love hats too! What a great combo...
  5. Sounds so chic!
  6. HL, that sounds beautiful!