Scarf & Legacy bags, how long till dirt appeared?

  1. I am always fearful of using these bags, but I keep buying them 'cause they are TDF.

    For those of you that own either a Legacy print tote or a scarf bag how long/ how many times did you use it before it was in less than. pristine condition?
  2. well, sad to say I used my scarf print Ergo tote for 1 week last summer and everyday I had to wipe dirt off (came off with a baby wipe). ALSO...I scratched the back of the bag with my wedding ring!:cursing: A 3 inch scratch across the back of the bag after only 1 week!!! I was so sad and mad.....decided to sell on eBay and just take a loss. It was just too much maintenance for me. :sad:
  3. For the larger pieces, you really need to worry about snagging. Dirt can easily wiped off (but be careful with ball point pens and anything inky) if you catch it quickly enough.

    I only own smaller accessories so I don't have to constantly worry about them. They're still in great condition, especially considering how old they are and how often I use them.