scarf ladies and gentlemen, come in to check...

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  1. That's a great website, hours of fun!
  2. oops, I meant to post the link of scarf exbibition section. But I guess one has to start to look from the main page. :graucho:
  3. Wow...great website! Thank you for posting it!
  4. Oh my goodness thank you!!!
  5. Wow indeed. The scarf-blowing machine was particularly -- ahem -- mind-blowing. And the video was essentially a live-action version of the SS '08 catalog, yes?

    The sections that I liked best, though, were the one on the process of adding color to a Marwari scarf, and the one that showed pics of scarves on people from various parts of the world -- and that invited readers to send in their own pix. I think some of the folks on this site should send in their action shots!
  6. Yes, the folks on this site are the best. Rose, MaiTai, gem, Margieb, necktiechief... sorry I can't remember all you guys' names from "which scarf/pochette/pointu are you wearing" thread, but all of you should send action pictures to Hermes. :yahoo:
  7. They did an amazing job with this... I got lost in this website for hours.
  8. love the link, many thanx

  9. :cutesy:

    :shame: - ok to post in tPF - not on such world renowned brand website...