Scarf "jaquard" question.....

  1. I am contemplating buting a scarf in a jaquard and since I've never had one with the jaquard background, I was wondering what the "hand" is like. Is the scarf heavier? Is it stiffer?

  2. Hi Shopmom,

    I have a jacquard from the 80's, Feux d'Artifice, (87, I think). Anyway, it's incredibly silky. I think the fabric feels softer and drapier than regular silk twill. I would almost buy all jacquard, if it were possible. It hangs beautifully and seems to glisten as the woven pattern catches the light.

    Anyway, FWIW, I love mine.
  3. Yep, softer. You'll like D!
  4. I agree! I had a black Luna Park that had the softest, silkiest hand.
  5. Oh this is all good to hear because I am kookoo over this lovely jacquard on eBay right now......I'm a sucker for a number of things. Box calf, Old stuff, animal prints and birdies. Anything with birds always gets my attention!

    If a scarf is in a jacquard, does it mean it's from a certain year/period?
  6. I'm no longer a great fan of jacquard - to me it does seem thicker, but most people are great fans of it.
    Some carres have been issued with and without jacquards and presence of this weave sometimes indicates the age, but not always