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  1. I desperately NEED a pocket square or twilly with etoupe and black as the main colors - does anybody know of one? None here at my local store. Thanks in advance.
  2. try :
  3. thanks checked Friday and nothing there
  4. Hmmm, did the Paddock one come in etoupe? :confused1:
  5. Look for "Sequences". Gorgeous in black and grey and white! It's in the Autumn-Winter 2006 Carre booklet.....
  6. Actually my SA just let me know they have "Shadow games" in etoupe on etoupe - does anybody have a picture?
  7. There are so many fakes of Shadow Games (Jeux d' Ombres) and Sequences... ugh .. and in neutral colors

    I'd recommend A cheval sur Mon Carre instead

    The orange one has an etoupe center and is not neon orange (yeah !) and the balck & white one is stunning too

    quote=lizhanover;1035392]Actually my SA just let me know they have "Shadow games" in etoupe on etoupe - does anybody have a picture?[/quote]
  8. PS

    eBay 150046318928 is a Jeux d'Ombres

    and the link for may not work, so, look for oranges scarves, and the one with the horse is a Cheval sur mon carre
  9. ok got the 24 Faubourg twilly in black with white - looks great with etoupe bag when wearing black pants or coat - thanks all and glad I didn't get the juex d'ombres. It turns out too much etoupe doesn't look as well as a two tone style and the twilly ribbon effect of the 24 Faubourg just really sets off the side of the evelyne. Glad I jumped in the car and raised to local mini Hermes - one can't WAIT for everything.
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