Scarf Identification?

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  1. I searched but could not find anywhere for Gucci Scarf Identification.

    Wondering if anyone might be able to offer assistance with regard to this scarf?
    It's beautiful, has a hand stitched rolled to the front edge, and has wonderful weight to the silk twill. It was suggested to me by the Hermes scarf ladies that perhaps it is Gucci, altho I could find no identifying marks on it. Any suggestions here?

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  2. I don't know the name but it's not very old (I can see from the label).

    It does look like a Gucci in theme and perhaps colour but all Gucci scarves have GUCCI or Gucci written on them since the 1960s

    Look very carefully throughout the scarf pattern and see if you can find the word. If not, then it's just a beautiful scarf.

    I will check one of my newer scarves and check out the label for comparison but without the name on the scarf it will NOT be Gucci.
  3. Thanks for taking a look. Nope, I cannot find any words on it at all. :confused1:
    Oh well, whomever made it will just have to remain a mystery.