Scarf ideas as a valentine's day or mother's day gift for mom

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    I have been thinking about getting my mom an Hermes scarf as a combined mother's day and birthday gift since they are around the same time this year. However, the more I think about it, the more I excited about the idea...and I kind of want to get it for her for valentine's day - plus it is the same day as Chinese New Year this year!

    I have thought about getting my mom something less expensive, but then I reflected on my life over the past few years and realized that my mom has been working so hard every day just to provide a more than comfortable life for my sister and I, she barely buys herself anything anymore. The other day, after my mom and I were done buying make-up at Holts and we were just walking around to see if there was anything else interesting. She stopped by the accessories section before we headed home and stroked a scarf and told me how much she loves scarves. This made me want to get her a scarf even more, then I thought to myself, she always gets my sister and I the best things, so if I was to get her something, she most definitely deserves the best too - so what better than an Hermes scarf?
    I have been saving up my money from my part-time job because I've been wanting to buy myself either a Bbag or Chanel flap, however, I think using a portion of it to buy my mom a scarf would really make her happy, especially since she has been so stressed from work lately...

    Now the question is...which scarf do you ladies suggest? My mom is in her mid 40s and prefers classic items. Also...the thought of walking into the H boutique slightly frightens me, I'm nervous that the SAs may not be nice to me since I'm 19 but I look younger than my age...

    Advice? Suggestions? TIA:smile:
  2. Welcome, Mzz! I'm sure your mother would be thrilled to receive a scarf from you! Very thoughtful of you. Don't worry about going to H, they will receive you kindly and will be very helpful. Make sure to go in tho with some color ideas and make sure you tell them that you are interested in classic designs. I'll need to think about classic designs to suggest to you. Happy hunting!
  3. Can you give more tips on what your Mum likes? Such as themes and colours etc? H scarves are so diverse and suit very different tastes! I must say you are a real sweetie to think of your Mum and spend some of your Chanel/ Bbag savings on her present. Your behaviour truly reflects well on her!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I am trying to stay away from black and white, I was thinking something a little more colourful, but I think my mom would prefer more pastel or lighter colours rather than bright vibrant colours.
    I envision her wearing it to work, because I remember she used to wear scarves to work very often when I was younger. She tends to wear neutral colour clothes to work - a lot of beige, black and navy blue, so I think the scarf should add a little pop of colour to her outfit and compliment her outfits.
  5. You are a sweet daughter. I hope you find something fabulous for your mom!!!!
  6. I just bought her a cashmere silk 140 shawl for mom... Since she is a Leo (zodiac) and it is the year of the Tiger this year, I bought her one which reflects the theme. She LOVES it and I am happy that she wears a big smile on her face when she opened the orange box.

    Maybe you couldput a little thought into what she enjoys, color preferences which would help you make the decision.

    All Hermes scarves and shawls are beautiful so it may be a difficult decision to make. The SA are always helpful and if you express your intentions, they would be able to offer suggestions and assist you along the way. You are such a sweety pie I have to say and your mom would love your choice of present which ever it may be. Do share with us on your final decision and your mom's joy! :biggrin:
  7. If you really like the "Year of the Tiger" theme, H has a pocket square for the year of the Tiger. It's from last year's collection but, you can still find it in stores.

    Here's mine:


    There's also the lovely 'Astrologie' dip dye scarf (keeping with the Zodiac idea).

  8. You are so sweet to get her a scarf! Just have some color idea you think your Mom might like and let the SA's know you are looking for something classic (Like the Brides de Gala pattern! Very classic!). If there's something she likes - flowers, patterns, travel...let them know and they'll try to help you find something special! Have fun!
  9. Now the question is...which scarf do you ladies suggest? My mom is in her mid 40s and prefers classic items. Also...the thought of walking into the H boutique slightly frightens me, I'm nervous that the SAs may not be nice to me since I'm 19 but I look younger than my age...

    Don't be afraid , just walk in , go to the scarf counter , look for a SA that looks nice to you and explain what you are looking for !

    On the other hand , mid 40s is not old ....maybe your mother would love to get something a bit wild for a change but doesn't dare ! I'm quite a few year more than she is and was absolutely thrilled when I got Pelages et Camouflage for Xmas :biggrin:
  10. What a great daughter:heart::cloud9::love:!!
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I like the idea of the year of tiger scarf a lot, the only thing is, I've never seen my mom wearing any red clothes or accessories, so I'm not sure how the colour would look on her.
    I looked on the H website and I do think that the Brides de Gala pattern is really nice, I also think my mom may like the H comme histoire in either the light blue or light pink or the Le Monde est Vaste in any colour.
    I'm going to go shopping on Friday, so keep the suggestions coming! :smile: Thanks!
  12. S/S Quintessence in navy,white or black (I think 06, 07, 09 but check)

    I have the black - so happy. Although I'm not 40 I think its a classic for any age.

    Alternatively H Comme Histories for more modern and if she likes an incorporated 'H':

    and bottom of


    This absolute beauty for more modern

    Les Domes Celestes in any of the cws

    and this if she is classic but exuberant

    Pelages et Camoflague

    :reading: You know your mother best but since you are asking for advice: My mother has more daring/bright/modern taste than me so a generation up does not necessarily always equal more classic/safe/nuetral ;)

    I often give my mother scarves and she gives them to me. They are perfect presents :biggrin:
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    You are such a sweet girl! Some boutiques haven't recieved any of the new SS2010 scarves in so I suggest "La Femme Aux Semelles de Vent" for AW2009 that hopefully are still available or "Grand Apparat" for SS2010. Here are some pics for reference:

    when tied
    if you think this colorway is too bright for your mom, try this one
    website pic looks dull but the actual color of this cw is gorgeous, here it is, photo courtesy of ebay seller:jb8506

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    from robee
    from LQYB

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  15. H scarves usually have a story behind them
    If you purchase "La Femme", tell her of the French explorer, and how she has inspired you to be the best person you can.

    "Pelages et Camoflague" does have a tiger print in it.