Scarf help

  1. Hi

    I would like to purchase a hermes scarf for my mom's birthday but i need help on how to go about choosing one...

    1) what colour should i get?
    she normally wears mainly white, cream, beige, khaki, navy and black colours. Her 'bright' colours would include red, pale pink and pale / light green and pale light blue.

    should i match the scarf with what she wears? or should i match the scarf with her skintone? or should i buy the colours that she likes?

    2) what size scarf should i get? does it matter if she stays in a country that is hot and humid all year round?

    3) which pattern should i get?
    been checking some of the threads...does it matter which pattern you choose depends on how you like to tie your scarf? as in if you choose a pattern that focuses on the centre of the scarf, does it mean you tie your scarf in a manner for that design to be seen or it doesnt matter?

    4) should i buy her a scarf ring to match with the scarf?

    any suggestions much appreciated!
  2. You are so thoughtful to want to buy a scarf for your mom. Just the fact that you have great questions about choosing the right one for her is heart warming! She is a blessed mom! Here are my suggestions:

    1. You already have a great idea about colors that she likes...reds, pastels.... , so for color choices, go with one of those.

    2. I also live in a city that is supposed to be humid (although our lack of rain has made us a drier area) but there is always air conditioning where I go, so I am never worried about scarves and heat. You can wear scarves (with or without scarf rings) collar style so that they are not clinging to the neck, if it is hot...

    3. The most popular size is 90 cm. This allows one to wear it long or "shorten" it by wrapping it around the neck an extra time. (Since you have seen threads on scarf wearing, I think you have probably seen a number of styles.)

    4. Patterns that I prefer have some details on the corners, however, plain boarders are very elegant, too.

    5. The most important thing is that YOU picked it out. Believe me, when my husband surprises me with something HE chooses, those are always the best gifts.

    Have fun picking one out and let us know what you decide. The SA at Hermes are so helpful and friendly. They will be more than happy to help you choose and to model them for you. Everyone of us "Scarfies" started somewhere and had the same exact questions as you, so enjoy the process. Hope this helps.
  3. I cannot imagine wearing a scarf when it is hot and humid. The poor scarf would end up a sweaty, limp mess. Perhaps another Hermes item would be more practical. Of course, if your mother wears non-Hermes scarves regardless of heat, then getting her an Hermes scarf would be fine.
  4. What a thoughtful gesture! Having gone through this a while back, here are my suggestions.

    1. How does your mom usually wear scarves? My mom wear scarves as a head covering or draping over the shoulders. This means no bold pattern or colours to clash with her silver/gray hair. Hermes is famous for it's equestrian theme but my mom does not like having a horse or animal or person on her head. So we eliminated about 80% of the scarves.

    2. If your mom is like mine (picky), then how about taking her out for lunch and then spend some time at the boutique to pick out a scarf? I felt bad for my SA as we must have tried on 10 different ones. We ended up having to do a worldwide search for a particular cw.

    At the end of the day, it was the time spent shopping together that my mom remembered the most.
  5. What a lovely thoughtful gift for your mom! I am sure she will appreciate and treasure whatever selection you make - i agree with ladybaga's response. Here are some additional thoughts:

    - Visit the website to view the latest scarves and also note how they tie. Print out a few of your choices before you go to the boutique. Seeing them in person is important for you to see how the colors and patterns work in real life and if your coloring is similar even better! It will give you an idea of how it will look on her as well. You cannot go wrong with pinks and reds in my mind, especially pink and there are some beautiful neutral silks as well; a favorite of mine is L'Arbe (tree of life) in neutrals.
    Think about the subject matter of the silk as well. The designs all convey a special artistic statement or theme and this makes the Hermes silk to be appreciated. If there is a particular subject such as gardening, horses, florals, sealife, etc. that would hold more meaning to her as well that is even more thoughtful. I would also choose a 90 because that is a classic size and most versatile in my opinion. I would not worry about a scarf ring - tying the scarf is easy and that could be a separate gift later. I would also suggest MaiTai horn collection if you do want a scarf ring as they are beautiful and versatile and so easy to use.

    Have fun and do ask for a gift receipt in case she would like to exchange it for another. Enjoy the shopping experience and hope this helps!
  6. How sweet and thoughtful of you! An H scarf is a lovely present and I'm sure your mother will be touched no matter what you choose. You've asked some very good questions, but unfortunately I think maybe the answers to them are... more questions.

    Does your mum wear a lot of scarves already? If not, perhaps something neutral that will go with a lot of her favourite outfits might be a good idea-- cream, beige, pink and blue will go with a lot of things in her wardrobe, I think. Don't go into the shop with a fixed colour or colour combination to buy, or you might be disappointed by the selection-- instead, keep a palette in mind of things she wears, and be open to ideas.

    I'm completely hopeless when it comes to matching colour and skintone for anyone other than myself (and even that's only experience at wanting to buy things and finding they look ghastly when I put them on), but I'm sure your mother knows what she likes and what works for her, and those will be the colours you'll find in her wardrobe. You've obviously already worked out what's on that list, so that's a fine place to start.

    As to the material-- H also do a lighter, chiffon-type scarf that I find works quite well in hot climates (I'm sorry, I forget what it's called!) so if your mum doesn't wear many scarves already and spends a lot of time in places where it is warm and humid, this might be worth considering. However, if she already wears silk scarves, I don't think you need to worry about how she'd cope with it.

    Lanit's suggestion about scarf themes is a lovely idea, too. Being honest, I have a great many equestrian-themed scarves even though I'm not a horsey person; I bought them because I thought they were beautiful, and I wear them for the same reason. That said, some of the scarves I love the most are those which have special meaning to me in terms of the theme, so if there's something your mother is into-- a culture, an activity, a favourite animal, etc., you might want to focus your search on scarves which feature that.

    Lanit also has a point about tying/folding the scarf to see how it wears-- and yes, you are quite right about how the pattern relates to the way you like to tie the scarf. Some scarves look wonderful open, but lose something in the folding, whereas some really come alive once they are folded in a way that you'd never have realised from looking at it flat. I find that scarves with similar (but not identical) corners look a little wonky when tied so that the corners hang down beside each other-- like they're trying to match, but it's not quite happening. Scarves with very different, or perfectly matched corners, however, look beautiful when tied this way. Scarves with a lot of colour concentration in the middle might be worth considering, as they're quite versatile-- you can fold it to hide the burst of colour-- or to feature it, and have two completely different looks.

    As to rings, I'm quite fond of them, but mostly I do wear my scarves without. You do not need to buy one for your mum to be able to wear her scarf in a multitude of ways, but it will extend her choices of tie if she has one.

    The best thing to do is probably to take a wander into the shop, find an SA who looks kind (and not busy) and explain what's on your mind-- written advice is all well and good, but at the end of the day, when it comes to H, there's nothing to match the hands-on experience!

    ...And if all of this seems a bit too much for you, Mimster's point about bringing your mum along seems like a nice idea. It would be a fun shopping and bonding experience for the two of you, but only you can decide if you think she would prefer the thoughtful surprise or the sweet experience of choosing together.

    Good luck with your decision-- I hope you'll come back and tell us how it went! :smile:
  7. A scarf is always a great gift, especially an hermes one. I always get my mom scarves, but recently I got her a zodiac one because it's so classic, saw an old vintage picture of Jackie O and Grace Kelly with it. good luck :smile:
  8. Dear all,

    thanks so much for your help. am sorry i couldnt reply earlier, tpf was glitchy for me...

    I cant decide which one i should get...the stocks are very limited at the local stores and only the L'Arbe de Vie in the following colours are available...

    From Tangotosca


    From Melle L


    From mylittlescarfblog


    she normally wears mainly white, cream, beige, khaki, navy and black colours. Her 'bright' colours would include red, pale pink and pale / light green and pale light blue. which colour should i get for her?

    huge thanks!
  9. Sophiac,

    Nice choice of L'Arbre de Vie for your mom. This is such a nice pattern, and I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

    My two cents is to eliminate Option #1, the neutral colorway, and opt for either the navy/red or Scarf Addict's dark grey/aqua.

    If she wears "mainly white, cream, beige, khaki, navy and black colours," then I would choose something to contrast (yet compliment!) that instead of adding to the monochromatic look with Option #1.

    I have Option #2 as well. I think it's a beautiful scarf, but it also has more visual oomph than one might expect just viewing the pictures.

    L'Arbre Blue.JPG

    I don't think you can go wrong between #2 and #3, but honestly, I think I'd go for Option #3, the dark grey with taupe and aqua details.

    Good luck!
  10. I like the third one too.
  11. hi

    thanks for replying... unfortunatedly i went by the store and the above scarves were gone! i didnt expect them to disappear so fast!

    the sa showed these other 2 scarves that werent there the first time i was at the store...

    the pink version

    and this other design


    she wears mainly white, cream, beige, khaki, navy and black colours. any thoughts are much appreciated.
  12. For me it's all about my skin tone and what colors are in the scarf -- of course the design is first and foremost and how it looks when tied. I figure the latter is a given for us all but choosing the colorway that is going to work with skin tone is really the next most important thing. You can choose a great design and look dead in it if you choose the off colorway for the person's skin tone.

    The last time I was in the boutique when there were lots of ladies eyeing scarves, the woman next to me how come every scarf you try looks great. It's knowing what colors work with your skin tone and the Color Me Ugly (Beautiful) class years ago has probably saved me lots of returns due to a wrong selection.

    Other have suggested taking your mom and I agree. . . The lighter weight scarves are called mousselines.
  13. Great advice, I don't think I can add anything extra except to say that you or your mother could exchange the scarf for a couple of seasons after if its not quite to her taste but Ladybaga is quite right, the fact that you picked it out and gave it to her counts for for so much. My friend gave me one of her scarves as one of my first and that is my 'lucky scarf' and think of her every time I wear it.

    One more thing, illustration of navy L'Arbres # 2 is Papertiger and not Melle L's (who has it in black I think) but unless she is passing herself of as me I forgive :biggrin:

    ...and out of the L'Abres in pink or the ExLKimono I think perhaps the L'Arbres is the safer bet but both are lovely.
  14. Hi,

    I am thinking of wearing hermes scarf to a wedding party dinner.
    Putitng the scarf on top covering chest and stomach combine with a black skirt.

    I just think it would be unique and nice.

    Do you think this is good idea?
    If yes, what kind of scary pattern would be good?

    Thanks for all your suggestions. :smile: