Scarf for my turquoise city?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a scarf that will complement my turquoise city :biggrin: The Hermes pocket square I have went perfectly with the apple green first, but I'm not really liking how it looks on the turquoise. I also have the LV orange perforated bandeau, which clashes with the bag :Push:

    Suggestions? :cool: What colors would go well with the turquoise? I'll see if I can find any that I like and post them here.

  2. I finally wore my TW skinny skull scarf out the other night and loved it - but, I wore it as a scarf, LOL. Point being, I recommend the skinny skull scarf as it is pretty cool.

    There is also the Hermes Zebra pocket square in black and white (or) I like this rose square by hermes in the turquoise.
    891993s07.jpg 891334s04.jpg
  3. I think the LV MC in white would look terrific, but I was browsing the Hermes website and these looked like they would go great too. I'm not sure what range you were looking for, but maybe these will gives you some ideas.
    hermesblack.gif blackknotted.jpg hermespink.gif hermespinkknotted.jpg hermesred.gif redknotted.jpg balloonsingreenknoted.jpg
  4. I saw the second square and I really like it. The darker turquoise shade will complement the lighter color of my bag :heart:

    I saw this LV multicolore bandeau and thought it might be cute

    There is this pretty twilly, too:

    I love the fishies :P
  5. My honest opinion:

    I like the fishies - appropriate for a FL gal. :biggrin:

    I do not like the LV MC, I think it looks like a Rubix cube scarf - I don't know; but, I'll go put on some skinny jeans, a cowlneck sweater and get back to you on that. :P
  6. BL - Those are gorgeous! :love: My price range is $150-ish, and I think those are around $300? I really like the last one :heart:
  7. Hmm... Rubix cube scarf.. you know, that might actually look cuter than the LV MC! I don't know why the flat pictures didn't upload, only the knotted ones did. Hmm...

    The Hermes are about $320. Let me go see....
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I really like the fishies :love: The price isn't bad, either. Should I BIN? :graucho:
  9. Are they a reputable seller - I only saw: Location: Indonesia

  10. There's a blue Hermes Twilly scarf that would go well, and the scarf also comes in a nice green too. Or maybe one of the Alexander McQueen skull scarves? Lord knows they have those in a TON of color combos that would go together nicely.
  11. Congratulations on finding a turquoise City!!! YAY!

    I like the fish scarf. It kind of reminds me of your bird tattoos, for some reason!
  12. Here are some I found at Saks and at Neiman. I also think that a Pucci scarf would go great too, but unfortunately, they're all on the models' heads and look a little odd. I really like the Butterfly one. I also think that the Bird one will go great with the Apple too. I think these are still a little higher than what price range you were looking at, but they're so cute!
    Christian Lacroix scarf.jpg YingLi Butterfly scarf.jpg Ying Li Plum Scarf.jpg Ying Li Bird.jpg
  13. I :love: the last one! You have great suggestions :amuse: I am off to hunt down a nice Pucci scarf as a possibility, I love the designs.

    Loganz - Bagteria is an MPRS who sells authentic stuff :graucho: So I'm good with authenticity. Shipping is $15, so still within my budget, woohoo!

    trepidation - I'd love a McQueen skull scarf, but they're not in my budget right now. I saw one tied to a Balenciaga, it looks awesome. If I found one for $150-200 that'd be great, but I don't think I'd come across one for that price :sad:

    Snowwhite - Thank you! :biggrin: I like the fishies, too :amuse:
  14. I was going to say Pucci! I have a couple Pucci scarves that I love to wrap around the handles of my turquoise city, it gives it a punch and makes it so much more comfortable worn on the shoulder! :smile:
  15. Cristina, the fishies are so cute! That would go well with your new baby;)