Scarf for DD's bag... pls help (see pics)


Which Scarf for DD's Christmas

  1. Ocelot Ponytail Scarf

  2. Gallery Patchwork Ponytail Scarf

  3. Signature Ponytail Scarf in Khaki

  4. None of those! (please tell me which one!)

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  1. On Friday I'll be going back to Coach for one last trip (uh-huh) before Christmas. My DD has a few smaller Coach bags but her two faves are are the black/white sig stripe demi and this bag:


    SO...with that being said...she has made it (repeatedly) clear that she wants a ponytail scarf for her bags to wear. Which one should I pick?

    And um...does anyone know why the drilldown on the ocelot doesn't show the sig backside to that scarf?

    Thanks very much for your help.... (she's also getting Coach sneaks...Coach penguin wristlet...hehehe)....I hope DH did as much Coach shopping for me as I have for our kid! :roflmfao:

    Pics of the scarves are attached.
    98202sig.JPG 98273gal.JPG 98298oce.JPG
  2. ocelot!!!
  3. I have to agree with the Ocelot, but it wont really match the sig stripe bag she has:s
  4. I think the pink one would go well with both.
  5. If she likes animal print, the ocelot looks cool.
  6. I also vote ocelot!
  7. Well the ocelot one will match the patchwork one well, but i say maybe that black and white signature print, because it will go with the other two better than ocelot.....
    is both not an option? if not than i say the black and white one
  8. honestly i think i cahrm might b better. ocelet goes well but will maybe look a bit busy on suc ha small bag w so much pattern
  9. I voted none...I believe a scarf on an already busy bag will detract from it. I tend to dress up my plain bags with patterned scarves. I wish I could help--I bought the penguin today, though. I'm sure she will love all her stuff! For practicality, I always recommend the legacy ponytail scarf, but I'm not sure what else she might have to go with it. You can wear it with so much!! Good luck and you are a great mom!!
  10. I say a letter charm, they are making them in brass now. I agree that the bag is busy enough and a scarve may overpower it.
  11. I voted none. I think a purple or lavender pony tail scarf would go with both but of course there isn't that color on right now. What about the pink scarf for her black/white signature demi? That'd be cute! I like the ocelot but I think it's too busy for the patchwork demi and I don't think it'd go well with the signature stripe demi. Sorry I'm not a lot of help! What about a gift card to Coach and she can go in and pick out her own scarf? You could actually give her a 'day with mom' as a gift including lunch out at her favorite place and a trip to Coach! That'd be fun!
  12. I say NONE with this bag because it is very busy but thats just me. If she is going to wear it in her hair and not on the bag then I say Ocelot all the way. GOOD LUCK!!!
  13. WOW everyone has such good advice! haha

    tlloveshim.... that may be what I do!!!....Coach day w/ mom sounds like a blast!!! :tup:

    She has a charm w/ her initial on it as well as the Gemini charm. She hasn't mentioned any of the other charms that are available right now as being something she really wants. The penguin key fob is the only thing like that she's excited about.

    Thanks for everyone's input!!!
  14. That's what I was thinking.
  15. Yeah. I actually think the ocelot would look great with the patchwork, but I can't picture it with the sig. stripe.