Scarf first or clothes first? (Newbie question)

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  1. Hi all scarf wearers! For those of you with quite a few scarves, how do you decide what you are wearing on the day...
    1. You pick a scarf to wear, then decide what clothes to wear

    2. Pick your clothing first, then choose a scarf that you think goes with your look

    As a scarf newbie, i am curious about your choices.

    Also, do you have scarf mistakes- that is a scarf you bought but never seem to wear. If so, do you know why, to help me from ending up on that path.

  2. I pick whatever that comes to my mind first whether it's a scarf or clothes. Then go from there. Sometimes it's a bag that I decide first and build from there as well. Whatever that makes me excited. But more often than not it's a scarf that makes me excited.

    I find that I use very colorful scarves more often than ones that are neutral tones. That's probably because my outfit is somewhat boring :sad: and I need a scarf to pop. Also I have tons of 70cm ones that I love for its softer feel but the size doesn't seem to work well for me. I only use them two or more tied together.
  3. scarf1--

    I luv this Q...gets me to thinking...

    1st factor is the setting--if it's a meeting w/ the boss, then I go conservative on every front.

    2nd factor is the weather--if it's cool/warm, I'll choose my 'base' on which to adorn w/ a scarf, bag, belt, shoes, etc.

    3rd factor...if neither (1) or (2) apply, I'll choose my scarf 1st, then an outfit to go w/ whatever mood strikes me. This is generally on the w/e, when work attire does not matter.

    As for scarf mistakes...just make sure not to buy a scarf simply bcuz it's beautiful, in an of its own. (most everything Hermes makes is beautiful, in some way...that's not enough!)
    i.e., don't buy a work of art, jus coz it's gorgeous; buy it bcuz it makes you look gorgeous.

    Make sure the scarf you select complements YOU, and only you (not some sales associate or other person, etc.). Does it add something to your complexion or persona that makes you look better than w/out the scarf?

    There will be a few hits/misses, but if you shop w/ the boutique and develop a working relationship w/ their scarf specialist, you can exchange any unworn scarf in 30 days. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to really figure out if a design/color is something you'll reach for, instead of stare at in the box.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey of scarf-hunting!
  4. i plan my wardrobe around my scarves.

    but if it's an item i like that doesn't go with a scarf, i'll forgo the scarf.
  5. I choose my clothes, shoes, bag first and scarf last. Will pick scarf that'll match my outfits' colour.
    Hmmm... don't think I have scarf mistake, but I made the mistake of buying too many scarves so that they don't get used. lol
  6. I choose my outfit first according to the event/occasion/weather/season/work. Then, I choose scarf, purse and bracelets. My clothes are pretty basic, so I like playing with accessories to jazz them up. As far as a scarf that I wish I hadn't purchased? Have to say, I love them all..... If there is a scarf that I have no idea what to pair with, I take a cue from all the lovely tpfers who pair them with jeans and white button downs or plain white t-shirts. EVERY scarf goes with those items. :smile: Have fun!

    P.S. I used to blindly pull a scarf box off of my shelf and build an outfit around it, but now, I have all of my boxes labeled by color and scarf design, so I don't play this game anymore.
    There are some scarves that I feel have more of a summer vibe as opposed to a winter vibe, so that is why I pick clothes first and then the scarf. What do I know? I'm just a scarf crazed lady trapped under an Hermes spell!
  7. Same here. There were around 60 at last count! How can I release myself from the spell?
  8. With a new scarf, I will often choose to build my outfit around the scarf.
    However, most of the time I choose my clothes first, then the scarf.
  9. for me its an easy task, i tend to wear mostly black outfit, i pick my jewelry first (gold or silver or both, what kind of stone color) , my handbag and then my scarf to pair my handbag, belt or shoes, I've bought a few pocket scarfs because they are pretty but i feel that they look somehow unwearable on me (kind of too small) if anyone have ideas on how to wear them by the way ;). i have tendency to go for the 90cm. as far as the color or the design i just try them all before buying , i realized that some one on the shelve may look beautiful but once on me its another story. hope that help. good thread!

  10. D Lee, I think we are in this thing for forever!!! :biggrin:
  11. I choose the clothes first based on activities during the day and the weather. Then I choose the bag, then jewellery and other accessories and shoes. And it's almost strictly in that order. I don't wear outfits around accessories, it's the other way around for me. HTH!
  12. But I don't want to be under this eternal spell! Help pls!:crybaby:
  13. Sweet D Lee, Take a survey of all of the beauties that you already have. Tell yourself that unless something in a colorway comes that you don't already own and that you are absolutely BREATHLESS pops up, you will resist the temptation. I found that when I started buying scarves four years ago, I went nuts over everything! The last two seasons, I didn't buy as many scarves as in seasons past. (This s/s season will do me in, I fear.) I have been on an Hermes bracelet binge lately, but now that those holes have been filled, I am really trying to show restraint, myself. I think not buying in bulk, but spreading out those things that make you swoon is something that I hope to do. I am sure that you are not alone in feeling this way.
  14. Outfit first, then build around it with other accessories. Most of my outfits do not have patterns or prints so I find it quite easy to pick a scarf to match based on the colours I'm wearing.
  15. Between clothes and scarves, I like to choose scarves first. But, I've been finding that choosing shoes first helps make sure that I'm not all dressed up and then don't have shoes that work.

    I don't wear shoes in the house, and if I haven't planned ahead, I often find that if I'm in a rush to get out the door (most days!), I end up making a substandard shoe choice-(then my whole outfit if off kilter) because I didn't plan it to start with.