Scarf EXPERTS......SOS!!!!

  1. With all the talk about vintage scarves in DQ's thread, I went and pulled out one of mine to wear for the first time since getting it last year (:rolleyes:) and lo and behold the thing is STIFF AS A BOARD!!!!!!!! I mean, this baby can stand up by itself, it's that stiff!!!!

    Ordinarily this kind of thing wouldn't throw me......I have a propensity to toss the scarves I know I'm keeping forever in a bath of warm water with gentle soap to take the stiffness out since I love softer, drapier silk.

    BUT, in this case since it's an oldy and since some oldy's aren't colorfast, how do I take the stiffness out without a dunk in water so I can wear it????????

  2. I add a bit of vinegar to the water with oldies.
  3. REALLY? I can do a warm water dunk with vinegar and the colors won't run? That's what I'm afraid of the most........
  4. Ah-ha, so is that what you do with a stiff scarf? A quick handwash with cool water and mild soap?

    My new scarf is so stiff and uncomfortable to wear, and I was wondering if it would soften up with time.

    Good to know!
  5. s'mom, from when is the scarf?
    vinegar and one of those color-catcher sheets (forget what they're called). Water more cold than warm and then see how it goes.
  6. vinegar is tried and true as a color stabilizer worrries (easter eggs).
  7. skip the soap. water will help remove any chemicals used to keep them pressed
  8. D, I'm no expert, but I very bravely washed my 2 oldies from the 1950's (Les Plumes and Chasse à Vol) and they were both fine....I've heard of vinegar aswell, or, do they sell those paper squares that catch colour, in your neck of the woods? I have no idea what they're called, but I always use them when I want to be extra careful; you put them in the washing machine, or, in this case, in the basin with luke warm water, a tiny amount of mild detergent (I use the same one that I use for cashmeres) then I put the scarf in the water, twirl it around a bit, very delicately , (DO NOT leave it to soak) then I rinse it well and lay it flat between 2 towels, and that's it!

    I followed the washing instructions that Fleursetcarlines gave in a scarf thread, in the Reference section, and I have to say that I've had no problems whatsoever!
  9. It's Les Oiseaux......1954. OMG.....I'll be a nervous wreck the second I dunk this baby in the water.........:push:
  10. guys are the BEST!!!!!
  11. COLD water, vinegar and a color catcher sheet -- you should be able to find them in the laundry aisle at the market.

    the colors will likely run, but they'll transfer to the sheet rather than other areas of the scarf.
  12. ^Gotta love those colour catcher sheets!!!
  13. OMG! When were those invented? I can think of a couple of sweaters that I could have used those with! Did the inventor get a Nobel Prize for this?:smile:
  14. With vintage scarves, I'd be careful and use ice cold water. I have never used vinegar, but that makes complete sense.

    I don't have any vintage scarves, but when I was my post-1992 scarves, I use ice cold water and Woolite (some folks don't like Woolite).

    Let us know how you make out S'Mom! :okay:
  15. Yes, try the Carbona dye catcher sheets. Fabulous invention!