SCARF EXPERTS! Muffin has a question.....

  1. ..............does anyone know when Hermes started using the long label on their scarves instead of the short one? And is this the label only used when the hems are done by a master roulletresse?

    I'm trying to date some "older" scarves and one has this long label which makes me think it's not "vintage"........(or rather.....MUFFIN is...:rolleyes:)
  2. Sorry, I'm clueless, there's nothing clever I can say on that topic, apart that I love Muffin:rolleyes:
  3. I THINK they started using the short labels around 2001. The mark of the roller can be found on the short labels as well, tell Muffin to look on the underside of the label where it's folded under. What's the design?
  4. The short 4-line label for the 90x90 came in during 1998. it can be either white or black.
    The earlier caretags were double, always in white.
    The vintage are all over the map, but in france looked like below.

    Courtesy of



    [TBD] TO 1997/8 - WHITE ONLY




    The vintage are very variable from country to country.

    NB - modern shawls have the double care tag and four lines on each side. Black or white
    dblcaretags TO 1997.jpg Les%201961%20Voitures%20Nouvelles%20blue%20red%20Jacque.jpg moderncaretags DURING SWITCHOVER 1998.jpg VINTAGE CARETAG.jpg
  5. ^^^great carol!!!
  6. Thank you so much, ladies!
  7. Thank you. I don't know what i'd do without

    A treasure trove of information about scarves.
  8. Promenade de Longchamps.........I want an OLD one and there's been so many re-issues and so many fakes.....

    Sometimes I can tell an oldie by the color.....KWIM? But then sometimes the lable throws me......
  9. carol, so informative. Thanks!
  10. Ahhh, muffin...always relentless in your pursuit of H are my fluffy hero!
  11. d, fwiw, i have seven of philippe ledoux's manege, which was issued in '74 and never re-issued. a few don't have caretags, but the tags on the ones that do all look like the pic below. so i would think it likely (though not certain) that the long tags would date from after that time.

  12. According to preciouscolors, that was issued in 65, 70, 86, and circa 2006.

    65 and 70 - little vintage caretag

    86 - probably double 3 line, white

    2006 - single 4, line black or white

    How's the search going?