Scarf event and World festival in Honolulu

  1. Well, I attended the invitation only World Festival and scarf event at Hermes last night at it was a blast:yes: .
    They have this fashion week in Honolulu every year at about this time and is held at the Ala Moana Center and all the high end shops have a private party for their regular costumers complete with food and sometimes a gift bag.
    I would always get the invitation but this is the first time I actually went.
    It's a gala event with fundraising and everybondy gets dressed up.
    There is also a silent auction which every store that is involved would donate an item and start the bid at almost half of the retail value and proceeds t would go to a special cause.
    Hermes actually had a garden party with matching pochette up for bidding with the starting bid at $1200. And they also have a scarf made specially for the word event.
    I did not bid on the GP but did get the scarf. Will post pics later tonight.
    The scarf making event was really interesting because you will really get to appreciate the fine details before a scarf can be made.
    The one that demonstrated was a master craftman(forgot the name) and they made a Brides de Gala scarf.
    They also have a well known chef(which I did not get the name) prepard the food.
    It was truly a great event and champagne was everywhere.:yahoo:
    And according to my SA, this is tha same craftsman that would be in the South Coast Plaza scarf event too.
    For those of you planning to attend the SCP event, I would highly recommend it.
    Sorry for the long post.:smile:
  2. ^ Thanks for the cool report!! I'm going to that SCP event! How long it the scarf demo take?
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I had been there.
  4. ^^ me, too. (of course i wish i had been in hawaii, with or without a scarf event . . . .)
  5. are there any sites that show how hermes scarves are created?
  6. It actually depends on the amount of colors they use.
    The one that they demonstrated has 11 colors and it took about 45 minutes to do. But it is amazing to see one being made from a blank canvas and to see it get completed.