Scarf display at H boutiques

  1. I've been meaning to ask...

    Does anyone know where I can get those silvery doohickeys that the boutiques use to display scarves on the wall? You know, the silver things used at each corner to hold the scarf taut. (I wonder if there is a name? :shrugs:)

    My SA has no idea...

    Yes, am thinking about doing a little scarf displaying chez moi... :heart:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Don't know but I love them too - it's a great way to display a scarf without having to frame it ...!
  3. I was just thinking I would love a set of these! I really want a framed scarf on my wall but it is so expensive to do that, and I hate the thought of damaging the scarf. Been meaning to ask an SA if they know anything about it next time I go to H boutique, but I'm not sure when that will be. Hopefully someone else knows!
  4. They are not available for sale.
    I am having one installed in my closet. I still have not found the exact fittings but I think that I can come close.
  5. I asked my friend in Asia the exact question and she had no clue either, since they don't seem to display scarves the same way worldwide.

    I'd love to find out too.

    duchess, can we see your version when they're installed?
  6. bump (in case anyone else can help)
  7. Plum Blossom, Yes I will show it when finished. It is something that is in the design stage of new construction.

    I know that there are many creative members here. If you don't want to go to the expense,hassle of construction for back lighting, I have a few ideas to do it on a pretty low budget.

    At least it may get your creative juices flowing.

    You could go to an art supply store and have a canvas stretched over a frame. (think of what the top of a box looks like)
    For the scarf holder thingys you could use the fittings from those table cloth
    If a canvas is too costly(I don't even know what they cost) you may luck out and find the right size in a picture at Homegoods?
    you could paint over it in white and it might be cheaper?

    Something to get you thinking?
  8. Do you think the scarves are damaged by the clear string that's used to attach to the silver thingeys? May be wishful thinking, but I'd like the option to both display and wear...