Scarf Detectives, I need your help!

  1. Please help me identify this scarf. Is it an H scarf?

  2. Rose this kinda looks like the scarf that Jemz has for sale now.I think.:shrugs:
  3. Luna Park. That's how mine looks when I wear it like that...the horse's rear...on the right side

  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Thank you Ladies! The lady in the pic ( taken at a meeting) works with my DH. He wondered if it was an H scarf and should he have commented and said 'lovely scarf' to her? He should have done that anyways but now he can really impress her by saying... was that a Luna park scarf you were wearing the other day!:heart:
  6. Nice catch, QM!
  7. Thanks QM, fantastic!
  8. Hey, great scarf detective work...but it did cross my mind that the colleague could see herself here!
  9. ^^^ Yes, mine too, that would be awesome... so if it's you 'Hi'!!!!
  10. Boy, QM - you are good!