Scarf details.....SOS!

  1. Ok, so because I am anal retentive when it comes to my scarves I have an Excel program (now don't laugh) listing each one by name with all the details. And I'm missing some information on a few and it's driving me nuts.

    Does anyone know the date of issue for "Pavements".

    How about the designers of both "En Duo" and "Champs de Courses"?

    oiy......sometimes it's diffifult being a Scorpio..........:p
  2. LOL...I have noooo idea...but...I admit...I LOVE excel...
  3. en duo: 2007
    Champs de Courses: 2007
    Pavements: 1970, reissued 2003

    I searched a couple of data bases, and this is the best I could come up with, Shopmom.
  4. Scorpio :yes:
  5. omg, you make me feel so inadequate. I just want to remember to fold them up and put them away after I wear them so they don't get trashed by members of my family, but alas, I have left several laying around the house when I run off to work.
  6.'s that Scorpio should see how I label the boxes!
  7. Don't feel alone, Momshop - I, too have an excel spreadsheet, with date purchased, title, colorway, material, artist, point of purchase and price. (I, too, love a list!)

    Champs de Courses - Hubert de Watrigant, 2007

    En Duo - I heard that it was designed by a team of two; I can't find their names, will report back when I do.
  8. Champs de Courses, is this the Clerc? It is sometimes known as Paddock and was first issued in 1951 or 1955, I got to different dates on this.

    Pavements is by Maurice Trachant in 1970.
  9. En Duo is designed by Cyrille Diatkine and Sandy Queudrus, I hope I spelt them right!
  10. Good for you!! Do I get half credit that I've documented all my jewelry and am starting to do that with my handbags?
  11. Champs De Course is based on Hubert de Watrigant sketches. That's the only name I can see on the scarf
  12. Shopmom, there are two Champs de Courses, you may want to check the ATH photo album using the search function. They are entirely different scarves by two different artists.
  13. HG, she just got the "croquis" version in red (the little sketches), so I am pretty sure thats the one. (but ya never know with shopm!!)

    It says "Croquis "champs de courses"" on the scarf, but the SAs call it just "champs de courses"....

    is that right, D?:confused1:
  14. ^^Ah! Thanks for the clarification.:flowers: