scarf design...

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  1. anyone like the new design "flower power" ? I am considering but not sure................I like the simplicity.
  2. A lil too simple for me. Get what your heart desires.

  3. funny-the designs right now are so elaborate.........with all the indian themes and this one doesnt seem to fit in
  4. Exactly what I thought too. Which colourway are you thinking of?
  5. I think it would be so cute in a pochette for my bag.
  6. Love the contrast hem!!

  7. It's cute, reminds me of some of the Marimeiko designs from the late 60's-early 70's. Not my style, but if you love it, go for it!
  8. I think it's a beautiful melange of simplicity and complexity. The overall design is simple and uncluttered, but the individual flowers are rendered with exquisite care.

    IOW, I like it! :yes: I may have to consider it myself.
  9. It doesn't seem very "H" to me, but it IS lovely! Go for it!
  10. It's growing on me, such a clean and crisp look
  11. My friend purchased it and when she folded it it look great -- for her. It is a simple classic scarf and it is really pretty IRL.
  12. Not crazy about it flat, but I do think it looks great tied!
  13. I don't really like it...and for the simplicity of it...I wouldn't pay the price.....if you need something simple...but something cheaper.
  14. sorry, not for me, I find it a little too plain.
  15. Too the H designer got tired and wanted to go to sleep! Looks like something Gucci from the mid 90's. V cute mind you, but not H cute. btw, I saw these at the NY sale...loads of them. In the brighter colors it looked more H like, but the darks just fell flat for me.