Scarf Design Question

  1. Would any of the scarf experts be familiar with one of my grail scarves...I believe it has a white or cream background, with line drawings of three or four sporting dogs-probably setters and pointers....I saw one on eBay a couple of months ago, and have been kicking myself ever since......Thanks!
  2. liza, this is the only one that comes to mind with only a few dogs in the design - but it doesn't sound like the one you're looking for with line drawings.

  3. this one likely also came in a cream version -- but many more dogs than you describe:

  4. The first one! The first one!

    And now, also, the second one. Crap.

    Thanks DQ!!!!!!
  5. lol, yeah -- that's the way it tends to roll around here with hermes, isn't it?

    the first is 'chiens a rapport' from 1987 by carl de parcevaux, and the second is a poret scarf without a title on it -- but called 'chiens de meute' on several databases.
  6. We've all been there, Lizavet, LOL!!!

    If you are grailing for that, be sure to put it on the Your Grail Scarf thread so we can "sniff" one out for you!
  7. Whoops, I didn't know there was a grail hotline; am I allowed to have three grails?