scarf design 'Champs de Course' artist, Hubert de Watrigant, exhibiting in London

  1. Hubert de Watrigant who has designed several scarves for Hermes, will be exhibiting in London this November. Details are here:

    plus his own website here:

    I telephoned this morning and catalogues will be posted out about 4-6 weeks before the exhibition, about 80 pictures will be exhibited, prices from around 1,000 - 1,500 pounds plus, plus.

    I intend to try and get there, wearing my scarf of course and hoping there might be a postcard to buy as the pictures might be a little out of my price range unfortunately, lol. It would be great to meet him on the opening day.

    The Gallery is about 2 minutes from the Sloane Street Hermes store so theer will be temptation all around, lol.

    Here are some photos from my Champs de Course scarf to whet your appetites:



    champs7.jpg champs4.jpg champs5.jpg champs6.jpg
  2. Museums and Hermes!!! Two of my favorite things! If you do attend, please report back. You are so lucky. One of the things that's only my life's to do list is to visit the Houston Hermes. I heard they have the original paintings by Kermit Oliver that served as prototypes for the scarves. Wouldn't it be grand if Hermes were to have an exhibit of all their scarves?
  3. hermesgroupie ITA about Hermes Exhibit!

    **If someone from H is reading this, please take this as a major HINT!
  4. Sounds fantastic! Hope you get there and see him! That scarf is my probably my favorite H scarf ever.
  5. :nuts:That sounds wonderful!
  6. I'm really going to try and get to this gallery, hope I get to meet Hubert too, he looks hot! It's a pity the exhibition doesn't coincide with DD's school holiday, it's a week or two later, might be difficult to sneak down to London.