scarf definitions/sizes/uses

  1. hi ladies,
    i have briefly visited the reference library but am still confused over the definitions and uses of the scarves. How are the different sizes worn? What exactly is a pointu? I know what a twilly is however!
    Carre just means square right, so is that referring to the large scarf ? What sizes suit which application best?
    I have yet to buy my first scarf, but have seen so many i love that i wouldn't know which size is right for me. i have seen 70 x 70cm, 90 x 90 cm, 16cm pochette (?, what size is this used for?).
    I have absolutely no idea where to start, but am developing a serious obsession over scarves that i intend on fulfilling for the rest of my life!!!:nuts:

    Your help is greatly appreciated....
  2. Standard silk scarf: 90 x 90cm
    Pointu: triangle shaped scarf
    Losenge: Elongated diamond shape
    GM (cashmere/silk blend or mousseline) 140 x 140cm
    pochette (pocket scarf, originally for use as a gents silk hankie) 30 x 30cm (? not 100% on that one)
    PM mousse: 90 x 90cm mousseline silk
    Vintage silk: 70 x 70cm, a new type of scarf, straight silk on the weft, crinkled on the weave - soft hand.
    Homme Carre: 70 x 70cm standard silk or 100% cotton.

    Then there are all the cashmere scarves etc, but there are many variations on those.
  3. Oh, and there's a new "mini losenge" - twilly sized, diamond shaped.

    There are also the long scarves in the Mens Dept, but I assume this is enough to go on?
  4. GF, is a pointu half a carré?
  5. Oh, and the plisse, which is an accordian-pleated carre!!!
    pronounced please-aay (sorta)
  6. And mousselines (chifffon) can be PM, GM, or pochette!
  7. Plus the Plisse, by definition, is the pleated one
    (which I can never figure out how to wear...)

    Sorry! Posted at same time as CB
  8. asa - you should get one, they're easier to tie than the flat ones!

    CB - I'll go and measure a pointu,....hang on......
  9. :nuts: - I've never seen a mousse pochette!!!!

    I NEED one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nope - it's not half a 90 x runs about 20cm short.
  11. You know, how about I lay them all out on top of each other and post a pic?
  12. ^ Yes, pleeease?
  13. OK....after my kids have gone to bed I'll do it!!
  14. yup, tlloveshim got one....the feathers one....plumes in fuschia. It was the prettiest thing ever.
    I will try to find a pic...

    I want to go to bed but I have to stay up with DD. I hate homework. not fair. I did my homework and no one sat up with hoo...

    Yes, please do lay them all out, that would be GREAT!!!!