scarf deals?

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  1. are there any scarf deals? scarfs like love quotes, tolani, sir alistair rai, etc.? it doesnt have to be a "designer" brand or anything but i want a love quote sized scarf (material can be linen or pashmina etc) under 30 preferably 40 dollar
    where could i possibly find one around that price? thanks!
  2. check out bloomingdales under the sale section. On the left hand side click the tab that says "jewelry and accessories." They click "accessories." Then click the tab that says "scarves and wraps." This way you can find something that qualifies. They have quite a few under $40.00 on sale.
  3. H&M has good large linen like scarves for $12. Their colors are limited, but the size is about the same as love quotes.
  4. Check retailmenot and other sites online for codes. I have 2 of their featherweight pashminas and I love them.
  5. Check out but I've never shopped there before, :smile:
  6. thanks guys! i really like nimli but i was wondering about the colors
    any love quote experts know which colors are similar to papaya? sunshine? cobalt? artichoke? cosmopolitan? love? etc colors
    i like the scarves overall but im really afraid that the colors wont look good on me!
  7. You might want to post this question in the 'The Wardrobe" section (within the "Accessorize Yourself"). They actually have a whole thread dedicated to Love Quotes scarves
    The girls there are quite the experts on these and would be able to help you much better (since this section is really for Deals & Steals...). Hope this helps :yes: