Scarf counters?

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  1. I am extremely new to Hermes,please bear with me. I plan on purchasing a scarf as my first Hermes piece. I don't live near a boutique and was wondering what dept stores/locations have a scarf counter? TIA
  2. Where are you located?
  3. I live in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. I travel to northern Va/dc are frequently, wondering if any of the dept stores there had them.
  4. I think they have been removed from most of the dept stores that had them. We lost the one at NM in Beverly Hills a while ago. I loved the SA there and was so sorry to see it go.
  5. I thought the NM in Tyson's Corner still has H items?
  6. NM in Chevy Chase MD. Just outside the DC border.
  7. If you travel to Northern Virginia then you could visit the Hermes boutique in Vienna VA, at Tyson's Square across from Tyson Corner.
  8. These are my local hunting grounds, and I can confirm that your best retail prospects are the H boutique at Tysons Square (close to beltway! adjacent free parking!) and NM Chevy Chase. The Tysons H boutique is quite user-friendly, in my experience. You might call ahead and see if you can set up an appointment with Denise, a lovely SA with a special appreciation of silks. (Mention that you're from Pennsylvania.)
  9. I also had a great encounter with Denise today. I never felt rushed with her was the best part.
  10. In all honesty, every time I go into the Tysons store, the selection for scarves, clic-Hs and clic-clacs is nowhere near the plentiful selection I find on
    I don't know if items just sell out quickly, but it seems the boutique's selection is always sparse.
    King of Prussia, PA seems to have a better selection of bracelets.
  11. Hi there

    I just realized I can cash in my Amex points for a Bergdorf Goodman gift card. They still have a Hermes concession, right? And they sell the cashmere/silk shawls and accept a BG gift card?

    Thank you so much,

  12. Yes

  13. Thank you so much! I'll make sure to reveal what I get.

  14. Agree, Denise is wonderful!!!!