Scarf colourways

  1. hey ladies,

    I was wondering, and excuse the ignorance, does every scarf have numerous colourways created for it? Does the artist choose the colourways or does Hermes dictate what is appropriate for the design?

  2. Hi!

    There was an article in a recent issue of Le Monde that talked about the special team of colorists that chooses the colorways for each scarf pattern.

    Almost every scarf will be issued in at least 6 colorways. There are some limited editions that are only in 1 or 2, for example the Central Park Conservatory scarf issued in late 2008 is currentl in only 2 colorways.
  3. you can see the different colourways in the H site
  4. ^yeah i know on the website of the various colourways of the scarves featured on it, but i was just talking in general terms. thanks.
    doreenjoy, thanks for the info.
  5. I would think none of the scarves are released in one colourway only (please correct me if I´m wrong) but I don´t know how many they usually publish.