scarf colors for Etoupe Bolide

  1. hi,

    i'm planning to get a pochette scarf to put on my mom's etoupe bolide. i'm thinking something neutral like peach (from the "say it with flowers" series), but at the same time worried that it'll wash out the color.

    any other recommendations to what colors i should get for her?
  2. This pochette would look great on an etoupe bag! :smile:
  3. Or maybe this also comes in a light grey colorway and the flowers/feathers really pop.
  4. Personally...I love etoupe with any kind of pink, also, purples (lavender, grape...bluish purples)
  5. Me to , Pepper. I love it with Fuschia, candy pink, bright blues, oranges, bright greens or deep, deep chocolatey tones.
  6. CB, this is exactly what I was thinking; I have this pochette in the white, taupe, and aqua--will post pics here in a bit. I think the grey/taupe would really match the Bolide, but I do like the idea of Fuschia against Etoupe!
  7. [​IMG]

    CB, this is one of my favorite combinations. I love that pochette (in fact it's on it's way) and I think the Picotin is the bag for me. All because of you. Thank you.
  8. [​IMG]

    Something like this would go nicely with Etoupe
    Sulfures et Presse Papiers II
  9. ^ I love that design.
  10. Thank you Hetj93! :heart: :heart: :heart: The Picotin is a great bag, you'll love it! :yahoo:
  11. thanks for all the suggestions, gave me great ideas to work with.

    CB, i love the light grey scarf, this would have been my 1st choice but it's not available at my store. :sad:
  12. A bit late, but here is the photo of the aqua and the gris taupe Fleurs et Plumes pochette; let us know what you decide!
  13. Beautiful scarf!!! Is this still available in the stores?