Scarf color transfer

  1. I have a very old scarf that has a bit of color transfer on it. The scarf is a turquoise ackground and the transfer a reddish pink. Not Hermes just one given to me as a child, although not childish looking.Is there anyway to remove the color transfer? TIA
  2. It's hard to say without knowing what caused the stain and how long its been there. Are you sure it was from another piece of clothing?

    I would suggest taking it to a drycleaner to see if they have anything that can be done.

    Do not use Oxyclean or any color removing agent that is not safe for silk.

    You might try handwashing it with some woolite to see if that helps...but that is up to you and your personal comfort level with an older scarf.

    Good luck!
  3. You probably don't want advice from a person who tried to use a Tide pen for a stain on a silk scarf :sweatdrop:
  4. I actually have used oxyclean for this very purpose, but just the tiniest bit, maybe 1/4 teaspoon, along with ivory did the trick perfectly on a vintage "etriers" in rouge colourway....

    Be sure to keep the water swishing like mad during all phases of this operation, and you can put a dash of white vineager in the second-to-final rinse.
  5. ^ cobalt, what is the white vinegar for?? and did you just spot with the oxyclean, or did you add it to the water?
  6. I added the oxyclean to the water, just the tiniest amount! I made sure it was all dissolved before adding the scarf. The soap was in there, too.....

    The vineager basically helps the soaps release from the silk, so you get a softer "hand" to the silk when you are done.
  7. The scarf is probably fifty years old. A neighbor gave it to me. It is silk. I have had it folded in forths for a number of years in a plastic bag with another scarf over it. Oh my it was red chiffon. How it ran is beyond me. I cannot believe it but I dreamed of cleaning it the other night. You all have put a renewed interest in scarves in me. Anyway I appreciate your suggestions. If I try anything myself I think I will use a qtip first.
  8. Plus the vinegar 'sets' the colours when you wash the scarf, that's why its good to use it when you wash vintage scarves.
  9. There is something that you can do with colour-bleed stains but it is not for the faint-hearted.

    Put the area of the scarf over a glass and secure it with a rubber band or something to hold it in place tight.

    Pour very hot water over the affected area, very carefully. This should get the bleed out.

    As I said, it's not for the faint-hearted and I would be careful wiht vintage scarves.
  10. Good luck. Hope the stain comes out.