scarf collecting and plisses

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  1. are the plisse versions of scarves less desirable to collectors than the regular carres in the same design? and if so, can you take a WAG or a SWAG* at how much the value decreases when you put those pleats in? TIA!

    * WAG = wild-ass guess;
    SWAG = scientific wild-ass guess
  2. hmmm, good question....they are less desirable (tho I love them), can't give you a guesstimate.....HG?
  3. WAG :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. I think RO is too busy to be plissed (JMO)...I LOVE plisses in larger designs.
  5. Aw now...why did I have to see that scarf.

    Strange that they are less desirable since they are more expensive at the boutique. Guss it is because people don't know how to wear them and you can se the pattern all at once.

    I think it depends on the design and colorway...for RO the difference is as much as 20 to 30 % other designs are about 10% to 20% (WAG)
  6. I have 2 Plissés scarves and I love both !!!
    You can wear plissé in very a lot of different ways...
    if they are less's a very good news for me ;)
  7. DQ, even though I adore plisses, I have noticed that desirable patterns seem to go for less when they are pleated. One factor deals with the inability to view the pattern in its entirety, and the fact that you are a bit more limited with the ways you can wear the scarf in its pleated form; i.e., there's less coverage with the scarf. And the fact that once it's pleated--it's a pretty permanent process--yes you can wash it, but there will always be a faint remnant of its former self.

    I think QM's WAGs are pretty good. From my own personal experience, I picked up a desirable pattern in plisse form for practically its original cost, and it was brand-new. I was expecting to pay a premium, but was happily surprised when I got it for that price.
  8. I love plisse, but the one thing that saddens me about them, is that the design gets lost in the pleats. I look for interesting edges/borders. I find that they are easier for me to wear to work and that is one plus since at least I'm wearing a scarf. I hate the thought of things languishing in the drawer.
  9. ^^^ when you ask for a BIN of 50% over retail, you kinda HAVE to provide excellent pictures, no?
  10. I can't contribute anything as I know almost nothing about H scarves, but I'm laughing my a** off! Thanks for that!;)
  11. True!

  12. That BIN is ridiculous....especially for the apricot colourway.....good luck to her!
  13. [​IMG]

    I like the Plisse style as it "tames" the scarf and it doesn't run wild on me. It lays quietly around my neck and does not get in my way. And I'm still able to enjoy the wonderful colors all the same.