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Jan 12, 2009
Hello, I'm a new Hermes addict. Started last year when I bought a scarf for my ex-bf's mom... then suddenly I wanted a whole collection for myself. (I think she owned over 300 scarves). And then started spending hours on ebay/Hermes getting overwhelmed with how big a phenomenon it is.

So I only have 3 right now. I bought the SCAD Salt Marsh design in green and orange. And a few days ago I picked up the Offrandes du jour in pink. I think I tend to like really busy graphic patterns/florals vs the old horse/dead presidents/big center print.

So my question is this... is there any method to the madness? Besides buying what you like... should I be looking for vintage scarves, limited edition, certain colorways? Also the smaller pochettes, cashmere... I like them too but maybe I should just focus on the silks for now.

I've committed to buying 1 scarf every 3-4months. I think that's reasonable as not to drown myself in Hermes debt. I really like the Belles du Mexique (maybe that cashmere one I see?) and the new Voyage en Etoffes. I need some guidance since I have practically nothing and want almost everything. :drool:


Apr 6, 2007
I choose scarves mainly for design and then when I go to the store, I try it on. Sometimes, the colorway I want doesn't look good on me or doesn't match my outfits. And oh, I look for those with interesting corners as I like to do the cowboy knot. I dislike scarves with boring corners.

I don't know if that would work for you.

Also, I'm fairly new to the scarf realm, having just started October last year, so I can't tell you what to collect. But since I'm a guy and I live in a cold country, I like the 90 cm ones (if I had endless source of money, I'd go for cashmere GM shawls).

A scarf every 3-4 months sounds reasonable. :tup:
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May 25, 2006
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I think the method to the madness is different for every collector. Some will collect by color, some by theme, some by designer . . . some wear their collections, and some keep them pristine. I would say there are no rules, and you can't go wrong!

I started out wanting to collect the astrology/celestial/mythological themed scarves, but am easily distracted and have ended up buying what I like/what I will wear.

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Jun 8, 2007
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Hello and welcome, suzeya! I have been collecting for about ten years and everyone has their own method of collecting. For the longest time I only bought carres (36x36), but over the years I have branched out. Now, actually, I am not buying any carres at all.

You will find over time what works for you...seeing a design flat out is not at all like seeing out it looks folded and tied, and further, how it looks on you. I learned that the "hard" way (well, perhaps it was more like the "fun" way!) I have bought many, many carres, but have gotten rid of most of them - wow, I just counted, only 17 left. I keep only what I will wear, no matter how "popular" or "desirable" or "rare".*

Not that the drawer is empty; I have several each of the 70cms, glams, mousselines, cashmeres, pointus, twillys and pochettes. I found what worked better for me was something smaller than the carre, as I most often wear the scarf as a headband. I started this out of necessity when I had children, but now it has become part of my signature look. And I really don't want that much material when I wear them the regular way, either. The mousselines tie really nicely on the head or around the neck, and they do provide the warmth without the bulk, and the vintage-style silk of the pointus and 70cms feel really nice and also make them easier to tie.

My advice to you is just to have fun and enjoy! :yahoo:

(* okay, one never-worn, super-rare, gorgeous scarf that I can neither wear nor get rid of, but that's not bad for 10 years! It's the scarf in my avatar.)


Jan 12, 2009
very good advice all. and yes, you have to see them folded for sure. some of them i don't like at all unfolded but like how it peeks out and looks completely different folded.

also i might gravitate towards the pochettes because 1) they're cheaper 2) i never wear my carres for fear of staining/ruining/snagging them. what's the fun in that? they're just pretty goodies that i unfold, look at, and fold neatly and put away. i think i would wear the pochettes because i wouldn't be so concerned with ruining them. also i can get 3x as many at a time. :smile:

and at some point in my grown up life i would love a cashmere GM. i can't justify the price right now but they are exquisite!
Jan 18, 2008
Hi Suzeya, I just started collecting scarves more seriously last year. I find that although I might love some designs/colours, they might not suit me and therefore I will not wear them. I do have some exceptions to this though! :P Scarves look so different when you tie them. I gravitate towards some colours and different colourways can look significantly different.

Can I enable you to start sooner? :graucho: In my country, scarves went up between 6-12% last week!!


Jan 12, 2009
oh no!!!!!!!!! :P
I just found the "ode to cashmere GM" thread. lord almight I'm in trouble.


Dec 17, 2007
Hi suzeya, it's best to collect scarves that "sing" to you. That way you enjoy wearing them or looking at them. Sometimes a scarf might be better as a mousseline or, cashmere shawl, a pocket scarf or a twilly. The great thing about collecting scarves is your collection is as unique as you are -- it reflects you! Enjoy and don't let this forum be too enabling!


Feb 22, 2008
Hi suzeya! Welcome to the world of H scarves. I started collecting almost a year ago, and boy I wish I had the discipline to limit myself to one scarf every 3-4 months. :sweatdrop:

I have all kinds of rules about what I buy, most of which I have broken without regret:

  • I started out thinking I would buy every scarf related to Greek/Roman culture (pick your theme) because DH and I were both classics majors, but some of them weren't issued in colorways that look good on me and others are ridiculously hard to find. I seem to gravitate toward scarves with some sort of historical or geographical theme (a lot of them have titles of "_______ de [insert city here]"). So I find some sort of thematic approach helpful, but I don't adhere strictly to it.
  • I usually like scarves with intricate designs, often with whimsical depictions of animals and people (I usually don't like more literal artistry as much, for some reason).
  • I like bright colors--red, hot pink, rich blues, with black as a base neutral.
  • It has to look interesting tied.
  • I have to be able to wear it--it should be something that works with my existing wardrobe, not just a display piece. I have scarves I don't wear often, but I try to wear them all. (Not that there is anything wrong with buying scarves you don't plan to wear, but too often people buy scarves they do intend to wear and then don't wear them.)
Most important is what liness92 said, and what people often say on this forum--you should buy things that make your heart sing! I have all sorts of ways of rationalizing purchases, but I can't categorize my very favorites in any way except that they move me and (I like to think!) they light me up when I wear them.


Aug 31, 2008
Scarves are a slippy slope. . . I love capulet's entire post. Re patterns, I agree totally with Allan's advice to get scarves with interesting borders. Also some scarves look like several in one. . . for example coupons indiennes or Mai tai's magic scarf. Re fabric/type, thanks to Allan's posting the orange bolduc cashmere blend GM, I am now addicted: bolduc and two colorways of coupons indiennes. (For the same feat of several scarves in one, see Mai Tai's thread on Magic scarf) There was a post somewhere in here about the fact that cashmeres are the cheapest per inch. Also very warm; don;t pill or snag (because they are a blend) and very versatile -- some people can make them into dresses, sarongs, tunics, shawls. . . A type that is super easy to tie; elongate the neck; and doesn't show snags etc are plisses. . . Find a patient SA and try to go when the store is not crowded. . . Basically there's something good about all. . .


Oct 27, 2008
I love what capulet says at the end: wear (and buy) the ones that "light you up." That's the magic I've found with H scarves. The colors are so saturated that even the pastels bring a finish to my face. I've been digging into this mania for about 9 months now. I decided to focus my attention on a particular designer for H--Annie Faivre. I love her aesthetic. But I tend to look more widely, specifically for scarves that illustrates a past or current deep interest, like Asian textiles or marionettes or rococo gardens/designs.

I agree with BBC--experiment with different sizes. I've fallen full force into the 90 carrés--they are perfect (warm) for winter and they are actually much less fabric than I'm used to wearing (I wore silk and voile duputtas, which are very large and bulky). But I'm eager to start acquiring some pochettes. I love wearing scarves in my hair, and those would be more comfortable in the winter. And mousseline scarves just feel amazing when worn!


Mar 6, 2006
Welcome!!! The majority of my collection is pocket squares because they are fun, add a lot of color to my wardrobe and are easy to wear. :tup: I have added a few 90s and 70s to my collection lately as I wear them more in the winter. I usually just buy what calls out to me. My collection doesn't really have a theme other than they are all designs that make me smile! :smile:


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Nov 6, 2006
I fell in love with one particular design (The Marionette scarf) that I HAD to have. I didn't wear it tho. So, I started buying Twillys and Pochettes. I still wear them...especially in the summer! Now, I pick up whatever scarf calls out to me. Sometimes I must have one that reminds me of something special but, other than method to my madness!

Welcome to the Orange side!

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Jun 12, 2008
Not close enough to Hermes
For me, I buy what sings to me. I fall for the pattern first, then the colour, then how it looks on me. Or some combination...

Even if a particular colourway is "my" colour, but I don't like the pattern - I know I won't reach for it to wear. For me, I won't bother to buy it if I feel I really won't use it.

I've also fallen for scarves that I didn't like the pattern when it was flat, yet really liked it when folded!

At the store, I've learned to try them on anyway. You will be surprised what will and will not look good on you despite your initial reaction to it when you see it folded for the first time.

Have fun collecting!