scarf cleaning

  1. my search was not functioning well so I thought I would post a new thread.

    I wore my Les Mustangs in white out the other night....and I have some light brown and black stains....just faint.....

    and I don't want to send it off to get cleaned yet. My Hermes will take them and send them to NYC....and I figured that will remove most of the stains right?

    however...I would like to know if I should leave them for now....or is there some spot cleaning I can do?

    I will send it off at the end of the be put away since its white...

    hmm ideas?
  2. Oh, good question Guccigal.
  3. Do you know what caused the stains?
  4. just looks liks misc dirt type stain.

    black streaks and brown stains like dirt.

    nothing scary like wine....or bbq sauce, etc etc...just random stains that are just wear and tear stains.

    really small, etc
  5. should I freak out and send it off ...I mean it was Friday so they probably already have set.

    I was thinking about some JOY...really dilluted...and just put it on the stain and rub it with a white clean clothe.

    but I could get those water rings....
  6. Blot with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to release the stains.

    Take off as much as you can with the alcohol, then rub a bit of dish washing detergent and water to remove the rest. Blot dry.
  7. okay man rubbing alcohol that is scary!! do I have the nerve?

    should I try just JOY first.....and if it doesn't come out something else?

  8. I did it myself or I would not recommend it.

    I bought a scarf off of eBay with the big ass S stamp right on the silk....(undisclosed mind you)

    Well...I was none to happy because unknown ink is the worst type of stain to remove. Soaked it in alcohol..working it in by "pulling the scarf" so that it got into the weave...then rinsed it with the detergent and some water...worked pretty damn well.

    This was on a white scarf as well...
  9. okay I might need a tasty calming beverage before I do this!

    thank you! I have it on the table and I am working out the nerve!
  10. what is the difference between using vinegar and alcohol?

    also my dish soap is yellow Joy...will that stain white?
  11. Vinegar is extremely acidic...and will leave a scent behind..

    I know it is recomended for stain removal alot...but I would avoid it in spot cleaning...It's another thing if you added a capful to water...

    Joy woun't leave a detergent was stain left on the scarf..
  12. okay so you recommend rubbing alcohol...not vinegar mixed with water...?

    how scary is this the first time.

    its nice to know that it gets out the S.....I hate the S why do they put it on things you wear!
  13. Yes do the alcohol..

    If you are really nervous..try it on another piece of silk you own that is more replaceable...(underwear, a cammie top, a robe see how the fabric behaves).

    It did not leave a mark at all because the alcohol will evaporate quickly...whereas the water may leave residue behind...
  14. okay blotted the alcohol and some stains came out and I am waiting for a few to dry...
  15. guccigal...I have a similar issue so want to know how it goes......keep on posting...