Scarf challeged!!

  1. Help!! I have some beautiful Hermes scarves but fail to use them much. When I take them out of their boxes the only thing that I can seem to do is to fold them in half and attach a scarf ring. Duh, boring!! And did I mention that my son loves my scarf rings and will undress me of them in stores or whereever he spies me wearing them.

    Can we start a thread with pictures/posts of all the various ways to wear these lovely scarves??

    Otherwise, I feel that I should just sell the lot and ban myself from ever buying another.
  2. you should check out the hermes pdf about how to tie them. there is also the brooks bros site

    i have been trying all of the ways they show. my deal is i have to try a new look every time i wear them til i have tried them all. super fun.

    today i have mine folded in half to make a triangle. bring the point to the front and bunch the top a little. tie it around your neck like a bib then wrap the two ends to the front and tie it in a knot. looks awesome.
  3. Great idea Sus, we are talking big girl scarves are we? I'll post some later on. My Babel just arrived, so I need some playtime!
  4. this is one of my favorite ways -- easy (just a square knot) and fairly dramatic when you throw one end over your shoulder. sorry for being out of focus but with the flash all you see is flash, and without it the long exposure makes it difficult to get a focused pic.

  5. DQ, which scarf is that. It looks great and now of course I have to have it. thanks, L
  6. thanks, loren -- it's le tarot, a 1991 annie faivre design. later today i'll send you a PM to tell you where you can get one identical (;) ) to this one . . . .
  7. it is gorgeous! how come i can't get my ends to seems that crisp?
  8. One of may favorites!!!!
  9. hlfinn, this scarf was from a period when they were using a stiffer silk -- some people don't like it, but washing remedies it for those who prefer a softer hand.
  10. ^^^That good ole teflon-based sizing.....................
  11. ah. whenever i fold mine it sorts of ends up in a mush instead of a long piece., kwim?

  12. Is that what it is??? I have some that are so stiff you could use them as a trampoline:p I can deal with them either way stiff or soft. Sounds like Grands Fonds taking about men:smile:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. LMAO - yeah baby!

    I've also found the darker colured ones are stiffer......scarves, not men.........
  15. okay, I did buy a scarf from eBay and when I got it I was shocked at how stiff it was. How do I wash it to soften it up. I love the feel of my newer scarves