Scarf Care Tag --Color & Age?


Apr 1, 2008
I don't think it indicates a difference, I have scarves which are definately the same year which have either white or black care tags. I believe it has more to do with the colour of the scarf. For instance, my dark brown plisee has a black care tag, whereas my light blue carre has a white care tag. I have a feeling that size is more indicative of the age, but not sure.
Jun 23, 2007
I believe that white or black tags are sewn on based on the color of the scarf- white for lighter, black for darker/bright colors.

Of course! That makes perfect sense, she said, slapping the side of her own head.
It's like going into a restaurant wearing black and they have white linens on the table and the maitre d' discreetly switches the napkin from white to black. Had to ask about that once, too.
Thank you both!