scarf box with window

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm in search for some scarves and found these pictures through google. These scarf boxes with window seem really nice. Does H actually make this kind of box? 'Cause I've never seen them in H Store.

    Thank you for your input!:smile:
  2. Here come the pictures.
    hermp1.jpg hermp2.jpg
  3. some more.:nuts:
    carre1.jpg carre2.jpg
  4. If they are real/authentic H boxes, I'd love to know where to get them. :yes::love:
    sur11.jpg sur12.jpg
  5. OMG!! That is exactly what I need!!! Those are fabulous! I hope someone can shed some light on how to get them... I'd be glad to pay for them...
  6. Interesting! Hopefully someone can shed light on this. I have never seen it before though.
  7. Well, you need to travel more often !:nogood:

    Those are the packaging for scarves sold on airplanes eg typically overseas .....

  8. PS beware of the illustrations (photos ??) on these envelopes. They have been photoshopped to death and sometimes are an unfaithful representation of the scarf:tdown:

    - lt blue background on the Projets Carrres is way too gray
    the red on Les Boxes is a red, not a brown barn red
    - cannot remember the design name, one of those Leigh Cooks ones, was shown with a border and it had NONE !!!!!
  9. The scarves looked kinda funny to me and rather flat too (in terms of the print and colours).